Travel Supermarket Towel Origami Event

I was so excited to be invited to Travel Supermarket Towel Origami Event at the beautiful Radisson Blu Edwardian Bloomsbury Hotel in London a few days ago. *and breathe.

Travel Supermarket Towel Origami Event

Now this event is one that intrigued, excited and worried me all at the same time haha. I am awful at anything creative and this was just as wacky as you could imagine. When I received the email from Marketing Manager Matt I just had to say yes- It was too intriguing to turn down. Plus I was told we were getting steak at the new Steak + Lobster attached to the hotel- and you guys know me, I can not turn down food.

Travel Supermarket had done research into what holiday makers expect/enjoy from their holidays and Towel Origami was up there. You know those little towel animals that just appear on your bed after a long day relaxing by the pool sunnin’ yourself up with one too many cocktails? Yeah, those! We learnt how to make those- and it is a lot more difficult than you could imagine!

I actually missed the Making of the Swan because I was late- Surprise, Surprise. But managed to get in just in time to learn the Elephant. And did I mention, it was a competition?!

Travel Supermarket Towel Origami Event


Travel Supermarket Towel Origami Event

How cute is he? I was so proud of my Little Ellie- I just wanted to take him home. I had so much trouble getting his ears right, but for a first effort I don’t think that’s too bad?!

But no time to admire my Elephant- It was time to move onto my favourite one of the Day- The Cheeky Little Monkey!!

Travel Supermarket Towel Origami Event

Towel Origami - 41

Travel Supermarket Towel Origami Event

He even got rewarded a Banana for being so gosh darn cute. I think I’m starting to get the hang of this Towel Art! What do you reckon?!

Sadly we only had time for one more- None of my little animals had won the best Art- so it was game on and I was determined to win the last Competition. It was time to get as creative as possible.

Travel Supermarket Towel Origami EventTravel Supermarket Towel Origami Event

Let me Introduce you all to Clive- The Holiday Makers Stag, equipped with sunglasses and iPod for all those Summer Tunes.- and Proud winner of the Stag Travel Supermarket Towel Origami Event Competition! He even had a little tail going on in the back. Told you I was going all out.

I had such an incredible afternoon learning all about the different Animals you can make and actually how difficult it is to get these right. It is definitely an art. But I think we all did a pretty decent job.

Travel Supermarket Towel Origami Event

After an afternoon of extensive towel folding we had worked up quite an appetite. God this makes me sound really unfit- folding towels is now a work-out. Luckily Steak + Lobster were on hand to satisfy. And oh boy, did they!

Travel Supermarket Towel Origami Event

If you haven’t heard of Steak + Lobster- it’s pretty simple and pure genius. You can order- dun dun dun. Steak OR Lobster- OR Butternut Squash for the Veggies. They have taken all the guess work out of making a decision and just whittled it down to the pure basics. All Mains are served with Bottomless Fries and Bottomless Caesar Salad.

Of course, I chose the Steak-  Medium Rare just in-case you were wondering. I’m one of those people who judges people based on the way they like their steak cooked. I can’t be the only one can I?!
Travel Supermarket Towel Origami Event
My garlic butter had melted by time it arrived, but that just meant, I could get stuck in straight away- it’s been a long time since I have had a steak that I actually enjoyed. I have such a Love/Hate relationships with restaurants when it comes to cooking a mean steak. Have all chefs just forgotten how to cook a steak?! Luckily they are still pretty talented down at Steak + Lobster. I polished that bad boy off. The salad, coated in Caesar dressing, parmesan and crunchy croutons, was so tasty. I would have been happy just with a bowl of that. Paired with crispy, crunchy fries, all that towel folding was worth it.

I’m not sure anyone even took on the option of re-fills on salad and fries, everyone was so full and lots of happy tummies all around.

We were quite a large, and rather loud table get together a bunch of bloggers what do you expect?! But the staff at both the Restaurant and the Hotel, did an incredible job, of making sure every bodies needs were catered too. I will definitely be going back as soon as I’m back in London.

Plus how cute is the décor in the hotel? I want to just move in and never leave. Steak room service pls.
Travel Supermarket Towel Origami Event Travel Supermarket Towel Origami Event


A Massive Thank You to Matt and all the incredible people that organised the Travel Supermarket Towel Origami Event- and remember guys- tip the people making these Towel Animals, they love doing it, you love seeing it- make everyone happy. And they are not as easy as they look.

Have a go yourself- and tweet me your best Towel Creation over at @amandabootes Il’d love to see them!

*DISCLAIMER: I was kindly invited to this Event by Travel Supermarket. All photos you see with the Travel Supermarket and Towel Origami Logos have been taken by the very lovely and talented guys over at Captive North. The rest are mine as well as all opinions and thoughts given.

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  1. July 29, 2015 / 1:11 pm

    Aww, never thought I’d say this about a towel but good job on towel folding mp3 was nice touch too. 🙂

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