#BloggersLunch and the #BloggersFestival

On Saturday 5th September I was invited to the #BloggersLunch ran by the incredible duo of Jasmine and Kirsty and from the help of the ever so lovely Holly. We were all going to the #BloggersFestival organised by the absolute insanely talented Scarlett London in the afternoon and decided to meet up for Lunch and to get to know a few bloggers a little bit better before the event. Now you know me, any excuse to eat and I’m there.

P.S Sorry for how long this post has taken to go live- I’ve been Moving back home.

I wasn’t actually going to go to this event, due to kinda falling over drunk and damaging my Knees. But the girls all re-assured me that they would look out for me *so emosh. Plus I really didn’t wanna miss out meeting so many different sassy babes from all over. Some people were actually Flying into this event- I wasn’t going to let a little thing like Crutches stop me from going!

So Saturday morning quickly came around- full of nerves and excitement I hopped limped onto the train, and meet some of the loveliest people at Victoria before getting lost on the way to Pizza Express. Standard Amanda.

BloggersFestival Knife and Fork  BloggersFestival Balls CameraBloggersFestival PizzaBloggersFestival Salad Camera

GroupPhoto C/O soeursdeluxe

After lots of photos, chatter and a £320 bill later it was ready for us to take our carb-filled bellies of to the very snazzy and glamorous Conrad Hotel. It was time to get our festival on’

As soon as we arrived at the Conrad we were welcomed with a glass of bubbly and greeted by Scarlett and her wonderful Friends and Family. This was the largest/organised Event I have been too and it was just amazing to see so many incredible people in one space. Everything was all organised so clear-cut that it just provided such a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone involved. From the moment you walked in the door, to the moment you left- you felt accepted and just enjoyed every little part.

As much as I loved the event, meeting some incredible bloggers and brands and getting the largest goodie bag- it did get a little stuffy up in there. 200 bloggers, with brands- it can leave you feeling a little bit un-fresh. But power through, sisters, power through.

FotorCreated1 FotorCreated2 FotorCreated FotorCreate3

I unfortunately didn’t get as many photos as I would have liked from the event- I may be a women, but even walking on crutches, taking photos, carrying a bag load of stuff pushes my multi-tasking to the extreme. So I have decided to do a separate post on all the Goodies that we got in the Goodie Bag!!

Hats of to ya’ Scarlett you did an incredible job.

Did you go to the #BloggersFestival I’ld love to see all your fabulous pictures!

amanda BOOTES
#BloggersLunch and the #BloggersFestival



  1. Laura

    I agree it was very stuffy in there, so hot and no air con! It was a great day but quite overwhelming at times. It was nice to meet you at the end even if for the grand total of 2 minutes, but as you live not so far from me hopefully we’ll cross paths at other events in future! x

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