September Favourites 2015

I am such a bad blogger. I had such a crazy August Month that I completely forgot to do my August Favourites- but, don’t worry- I am back with my September Favourites as normal.

I think every blogger has to start this post with the same phrase- ‘How is it September already?!’ but it is. It’s crazy, this year is just flying by- slow down 2015′ I’m not ready to say goodbye just yet.

This month has been absolutely crazy- I moved back home, started UNI again, went to Switzerland and then ended the month in Hospital- but did manage to snag a few favourites from the month to share with all your lovely bloglings.

September Favourites Chocolate

I have to start with this bad boy. TOFFEE CRISP AS A BAR?! Just lay me down, and feed it to me through a tube. I am completely obsessed with this gorgeous new product from the lovely toffee-crisp makers. It tastes just like a toffee crisp- but better. I didn’t believe it could be- but trust me. It is! If you love a good ol’ classic toffee crisp, you NEED to try this grown up version.

Rock Salt Prints Mine

You may have seen this print by Rock Salt Prints pop up on my social media- but I LOVE it- So much that I actually did a post about it- go and read it HERE!! The lovely Zita, created and designed my favourite quote into this beautiful light pink and grey print that makes my heart happy every time I see it. See what I did there? *insert winky emoji. Make sure you are checking out her incredible work and get your little hands on them before they are all gone.

September Favourites Book

Where I have been ill the last couple of months, and really want to start taking my blog more seriously (I can’t tell you how many times I have said that!) I thought I would invest in some new reading materials. These two books are amazing in their own separate ways. The Blend out Blogging book- is the bloggers bible to everything blogger-worthy. From SEO, Building an audience and tips and tricks to help you along the way of every step for beginner and professional alike. (Cost me £3.50 on and The Uncommon Photographer is perfect for busting out the moves like a pro and learning all the technical lingo and jargon surrounding anything camera/photo related. The best bit about this book for me, is that it breaks everything down step by step- but it also has the sections available depending on what camera you are using (even your phone!) Its all about taking great photos regardless of your gear. (Cost me £4.00 on

September Favourites Icecream
You may have seen my Moving Back Home and Going Freelance post a while ago- which explained all my reasons for upping and moving back to Mumma Bootes’ house. And you know what comes with that. If any of you know me, you would know that my Family own an Ice-Cream Van business, so having Free and accessible Ice-Cream makes me happier than a kid in a sweet shop. I LOVE ME SOME ICECREAM. It’s my guilty pleasure- so this had to be included in this months favourites. It’s the small things.

BloggersFestival Bee
My last favourite for this month has to be the Cream Cleanser from Bee Good. I am obsessed with this product. I met the lovely people over at Bee Good at the FBL 5th View Bloggers event and then again at the #BloggersFestival and I can not put into words how incredible their range is. This natural cleanser is gentle on the skin, but easily removes all that nasty muck and grease that I plaster on my face each day. I have seen such a major improvement to my skin since using this, and will be a staple in my cleansing routine for the foreseeable future. Plus it smells pretty- that’s always a bonus.

So that’s my month in favourites. What have you been loving in September, and have you tried any of mine?

amanda BOOTES
Wake me up when September ends.



    • October 4, 2015 / 8:48 am

      I’m obsessed. I went hunting for it again the other day because I needed it in my life.

  1. October 5, 2015 / 11:45 am

    Ok I totally didn’t know your family run an ice-cream business, but I’m SO JEALOUS. Also, that toffee crisp bar looks incredible, they’ve been a fave of mine for years and I need to try the new bar thing!!

    Notice how I’m just commenting about the food, but the other stuff looks awesome too…

    Robyn xo

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