Travel Diary: Basel in Switzerland

A couple of weeks ago me and Tom headed over to Basel in Switzerland to see the very lovely and talented Lauren from LaurenCarisCooks and her husband Ben. I had met Lauren at the Carluccio’s Event back in February and loved her bubbly personality and passion for food. We hit it off straight away and stayed in contact on Facebook and Twitter, constantly swapping both food and blog tips and tricks. So when I cheekily said that me and Tom should come and visit her and she was as excited about the idea as I was- we just had to make it happen!

So roll on a few months later and me and Tom are heading to Gatwick (For our first Holiday away!!) As we had a very early flight booked into Basel. We decided to start our Holiday early and book into a hotel the night before. Which meant TGI Cocktails and Burgers the night before!!


I had never been to Switzerland before so was so excited to go to a new place as well as get to see Lauren and finally meet her husband after hearing so much about him. She was really interested in learning more about using her camera, so obviously Tom was excited to get to teach them haha.

Now we made sure that we could get the most out of our weekend away, so planned to do lots of shooting and filming while we were there.

Basel Day One plane

When we landed Friday morning, we hopped straight on a train and headed into Lucerne. Lauren had told us about this spot on the lake, where you could see the mountains in the background which would make for a perfect place to shoot. But of course, it rained the entire time we were there- the mountains were hidden by both rain and fog, so we never really got the full effect that we were going for. Plus I was exhausted from being up at 4am- so my resting bitch face makes more than one appearance in the photos taken by Tom. As well as my dress not turning up in time, and having to DIY the one I’m wearing. oh’ life.

Basel Day One Shoot Basel Day One Bridge Basel Day One Lake Basel Dress

Apart from both of these annoying things, that were out of our hands- we managed to get a few good shots, and have a little bit of a wonder around this beautiful little town. Everything looked so beautiful and old-worldy. Very unlike the London streets down my way.

Basel Day One Hedgehog

And we couldn’t help ourselves in popping into one of the many chocolate shops that were along the high streets. I mean, it just has to be done right? Plus how cute is this little Chocolate Hedgehog.

Back to Lauren’s house, very tired from the long day of shooting and travelling, Lauren whips us up some Veggie Fajitas. Very very welcomed. I was so excited to finally get to try Lauren’s cooking- after lusting over her Food Blog for months- and she didn’t disappoint.

Basel Day One Food

We aimed to get up early the next morning, in order to shoot her Lemon Meringue Cupcake video as well as my Cupcake Challenge, but due to the long and exhausting day the day before, me and Tom didn’t actually wake up until gone 10- oops. Very unlike us. So we only managed to get Lauren’s filming done. Keep an eye out for her video coming soon- guaranteed to make you hungry.


We decided to head out into town to treat ourselves from all the hard work filming- and headed to a little Italian Restaurant that Lauren and Ben recommended. Being so close to Italy I had very high expectations for this restaurant, and it was incredible. Starting with Fresh Tomato and Basil Bruschetta for starter- to share, of course. Food is always better shared, and when you can get your hands stuck in. Closely followed by Fresh Tomato, Basil and Feta Spaghetti for me, Spicy Penne for Tom, Pumpkin Ravioli for Lauren and Gnocchi for Ben- and the best bit about eating out with other food bloggers is.. you get to share and try everyone else’s. I know some people hate doing this, especially when its not family or your other half and you make them. But food bloggers- yes. They love to try everything. Which in my opinion equals the best type of people.


Sunday morning rolls around, and it’s our last day here. The sun finally makes an appearance and we quickly film my Cupcake Challenge video- Keep an eye out for this one too!! Then we headed down to the rivers edge, to photograph the lovely and adorable couple that Lauren and Ben are to thank them for letting us stay with them, and showing us around. I had never been on the other side of a photo shoot with Tom before, normally I’m his little guinea pig model when it comes to photo-shoots, so was lovely to be on the other side. I got to see how he works his magic and get the best shots out of clients. You can check out more of Tom’s work here.

Basel Day Three Cake Basel Day Three Walk

Ben+&+Lauren+Photo+Shoot_01+copy Ben+&+Lauren+Photo+Shoot_02a

As the time quickly goes past, we only have a few hours left to spare before having to head back to the airport. And what better way to spend that time, than with a traditional Swiss Cheese Fondue- paired with fresh bread, pear, pineapple and pickles. Good company and good food. The perfect end to a lovely Swiss weekend.

Basel Day Three Fondue Basel Day Three Fondue Stick

I would highly recommend going to Switzerland if you have never been. It is a beautiful Country- very expensive but worth it.

Thank you so much to Lauren and Ben for letting us stay with you-and good luck with your move to Zurich. You must come visit us soon.

Have you ever been before?

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It’s time to get your swiss on.



    • October 26, 2015 / 10:15 am

      It is really expensive. But is so worth it! It’s a beautiful place.

  1. Morgan Gifford
    October 18, 2015 / 5:51 am

    Your photos are stunning and I love your blog!
    The Rad Wife

    • October 26, 2015 / 10:15 am

      Oh this has made my heart so happy thank you so much

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