Halloween SFX Tutorial: Melted Doll

Halloween SFX Tutorial: Melted Doll

It should be pretty clear by now, that I absolutely love Halloween. I love the blood and the gore, that anticipation of being scared at the back of your mind and the food. What can be better than lots of naughty food, and being scared?

Some readers may find these images disturbing. All pictures shown have been created with make-up. View at your own discretion.

Now I absolutely love doing SFX and Halloween Make up and a few of you over on my Twitter asked me for to do a few tutorials. But I know what it’s like for everybody that wants to do these. The majority of people don’t have the equipment like liquid latex and scar putty in their make-up bags (I don’t keep mine in my normal one- but you know what I mean!), plus they can be pretty expensive. So I have created three very quick and simple Halloween Make-up tutorials: ‘The Melted Doll’, ‘Exposed Bones on the Hand’ and ‘Broken Nails‘ that you can create by using things you probably already have laying around your house.

I’m going to kick the Halloween SFX Tutorials off with one of my Favourites and very popular looks.

The Melted Doll

For this look you are going to need:
Your Normal Make-Up- For a Full Face of Make- Up.
Medium/Hard Hair Wax. (I use Shock Waves. Shaping Wax)
Toilet Paper/Cotton Wool
False Eyelashes.

Halloween Melted Doll 1

Start by putting on a very thick and full face of foundation. Do NOT use powder on the half of your face you are going to ‘melt’

On the half you are leaving un-melted, finish your makeup look- with Blusher, Eye Shadow and Mascara. Feel free to stick on False Eyelashes on this side. (I didn’t but that’s only because I suck at putting them on.)

Put on half a lips worth of lipstick.

Halloween Melted Doll 2

Using the toilet paper/cotton wool, use enough to cover the eye on the side that is going to be melted. Cover this with foundation and use a little underneath to help stick the paper to your eye.

In a microwavable bowl, place half the wax, and melt for 20 seconds.

Give it a good stir, and add in a small amount of your foundation (Only if you use Liquid- One squirt will do) into the wax- don’t worry if you don’t use liquid, it will still look effective.

Halloween Melted Doll 3

When the wax is cool enough (should only take around 2/3minutes) start by using the back of a spoon to cover the patch over your eye, this will help the pad to stick without having to hold it.

Once the patch is covered, using the spoon allow the wax to drip down from your forehead, down your face and across your nose. Allow the wax to drip as it naturally falls. You can turn your head to the side, to make the drips go slower- and give them enough time to dry.

Halloween Melted Doll 4

When you have attached the required wax-melt. Leave to dry for a couple of more seconds.

Then using a little bit of the wax/eyelash glue stick the eyelashes over the wax.

Add Lipstick, Eyeshadow/Mascara over the wax.

And voila.
One melted wax doll.

Halloween Melted Doll 5

What do you guys think about this Halloween look?

Keep your eyes out for the other two tutorials coming soon- Featuring a lot more blood and gore.

amanda BOOTES
Barbie’s had a melt-down.


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