Halloween SFX Tutorial: Broken Nails

Halloween SFX Tutorial: Broken Nails

It should be pretty clear by now, that I absolutely love Halloween. I love the blood and the gore, that anticipation of being scared at the back of your mind and the food. What can be better than lots of naughty food, and being scared?

Some readers may find these images disturbing. All pictures shown have been created with make-up. View at your own discretion.

Now I absolutely love doing SFX and Halloween Make up and a few of you over on my Twitter asked me for to do a few tutorials. But I know what it’s like for everybody that wants to do these. The majority of people don’t have the equipment like liquid latex and scar putty in their make-up bags (I don’t keep mine in my normal one- but you know what I mean!), plus they can be pretty expensive. So I have created three very quick and simple Halloween Make-up tutorials: ‘The Melted Doll’, ‘Exposed Bones on the Hand’ and ‘Broken Nails’ that you can create by using things you probably already have laying around your house.

The second tutorial Halloween SFX I am going to show you is the Broken Nails. This is a very simple yet extremely effective and believable.

For this look you are going to need:
False Nails that you can cut OR a piece of plastic- I used a sandwich box lid and cut out some small pieces of plastic that fit my nail.
Nail glue that dries clear OR Vaseline mixed with some PVA glue.
Fake Blood (You can pick up Fake Blood in all Supermarkets and Pound shops on the lead up to Halloween)

Halloween Nail 6

Cut out the pieces of nail you are going to need from the plastic or false nails.

Halloween Nail 5

Using the Nail Glue or Vaseline mixture, apply a small amount to half your nail.

Halloween Nail 4

Place on the piece of plastic and wait for it to dry.

Halloween Nail 3

Add a small amount of fake blood to the other half.

Halloween Nail 2

Add in another small piece of glue/Vaseline to the bottom, and apply another piece of nail.

Fill in the gaps with blood.

Halloween Nail 1

Pat around the edges to give that fresh bloody look.

A quick and simple SFX that is more believable than the real thing.

Keep an eye out for the Last Tutorial and my Favourite: Exposed Bones on the Hand

amanda BOOTES
totally nailed that one.



  1. October 21, 2015 / 8:55 am

    wow i really love this, and you have listed how to do it very well.
    love how you have shown people how easy it is to do straight to the point.
    keep up the blogging will look forward to reading more soon.


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