Travel Diary: The Birthday Surprise: Part 2

If you have been following our Journey on this little Birthday Surprise you would have read that I set up a series of clues around the house, for Tom to find- to work out what I had planned for his Birthday Treat- Catch up with Part 1: Here.

After a well deserved sleep, and with all phones, sat-nav and cameras charged we decided to head back into Nice and go to this little Pizza place I used to love going too. It’s right on the water and is in-cred-ible.

Birthday Surprise Trip Day Two Pizza

Before we went out to France, Nice had flooded. Literally like 3 days before we had to leave, so obviously this was a huge worry and I had to worry all by myself, because I couldn’t tell Tom about it… But being there you wouldn’t believe at all that any tragedy had even happened. There was literally no after effect of any disaster occurring.

We decided to park in Old-Town and walk into the Port (purely because I didn’t know of any car-parks near there) but luckily for us, the weather was nice and warm, and we had a nice little wonder through the back streets exploring every little part of the town as we went. As well as buy some Macaroons as a little present for the family- and some for ourselves!

Birthday Surprise Trip Day Two Walk Birthday Surprise Trip Day Two Marilyn Birthday Surprise Trip Day Two Macaroons 2

Which definitely made us work up a Pizza appetite. (well I always have one of those!!)

The Pizza here, is so thin crust and stone baked that it just makes for this melt in the mouth moment. Topped with fresh ingredients and drizzled with baslasmic and chilli oil and you are in Pizza Heaven. Seriously I wish you guys could taste this through the screen.


Birthday Surprise Trip Day Two Oil

Birthday Surprise Trip Day Two Icecream

I even managed to eat more than Tom did- but I was on holiday, so calories don’t count right?

After stuffing our bellies full of carb-loaded goodness and more ice-cream we headed up into Eze, to where I used to work and live. To show Tom round my old restaurant and meet some old friends I hadn’t seen in a while.

Birthday Surprise Trip Day Two Drive2 Birthday Surprise Trip Day Two Fountain Birthday Surprise Trip Day Two Nice

It was so surreal to be back, after 2 long years. It felt as though nothing had changed, and I was just there for another shift. It’s strange how all these thoughts and feelings can come flooding back by just being around a certain surrounding.

The place was just as beautiful as I remembered it.

Birthday Surprise Trip Day Two dog france_45 f

After a little catch up with the Owners and their new puppies. (AHH!!) we all headed into Ville-Franche for some dinner and some drinks.

I didn’t get to film much/photograph much because I was too busy trying to catch up with the whirlwind lives of those I had missed. But we still had an incredible day.

And managed to get home, with no trouble at all!

Keep your eyes out for PART 3.
The photos on all parts of this Journey are going to be part mine, and part Tom’s. Check out his website at and his VLOG from our holiday!

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Gettin’ ma French on.

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