Travel Diary: The Birthday Surprise: Part 3

If you have been following our Journey on this little Birthday Surprise you would have read that I set up a series of clues around the house, for Tom to find- to work out what I had planned for his Birthday Treat- Catch up with Part 1: Here. OR Part 2: Here.

After walking and driving around the last couple of days, we chose today to do what holidays are made for. To do absolutely nothing. Now I hardly ever get to do this, just for the sake of doing it. I get plenty of days off where I have to sit and do nothing, due to Ill health- but never because I have wanted too- and Tom- he is even worse than me, I can’t even remember the last time that he actually sat down for more than a few hours, and didn’t think about or do any work at all. So this was really nice for both of us to actually just have a day to ourselves, without work getting in the way. (Well of-course he was playing around with his new camera he brought him self, but it’s his birthday I can let him off right? Plus he did teach me how to use Manual on my own Compact- bonus!!)

Birthday Surprise Trip Day Three paranoma

After a breakfast of Toast and home-made preserves with Freshly baked Chocolate Muffins up at our hotel.

france_54 (1) d

We headed back into Ville-Franche and popped into a restaurant along the sea front for some lunch before going to lie on the beach and forget about the world for a while.

france_59 d Birthday Surprise Trip Day Three Table

I had never been to this restaurant before, but their Pineapple lights and Italian vibe drew me in. Before we had even ordered they had given us some Tomato Focaccia to nibble on- which was insanely good. You can’t beat home made oily bread paired with fresh tomatoes.

Birthday Surprise Trip Day Three Foccacia

After ordering, we were given this cute little basket, full off home-made nutty bread, olives, tomatoes and bread-sticks- as well as our very own plate of parmesan with a mini grater. I loved how cute these were and how the restaurant had thought of everything to really give the best customer experience they could to the entire meal. Good ol’ French.

Birthday Surprise Trip Day Three Basket Birthday Surprise Trip Day Three Bread Birthday Surprise Trip Day Three Cheese

Tom had ordered the Spicy Penne Pasta- which seems to be a favourite from him, on holiday- he had it on our Swiss trip a few weeks back. While I opted for the asparagus risotto (with lots of parmesan cheese- hand grated of course!)

Birthday Surprise Trip Day Three Food Birthday Surprise Trip Day Three Food 2

Both of our meals were incredible. By far one of the best and tastiest risottos I had ever eaten. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. It’s amazing what you can achieve with fresh, home-grown ingredients like those.

I had never felt so full in my life- so thank god, we were only going to lay on the beach all day and do nothing.

Apart from eat ice-cream of course. There is always room for Ice-cream in my world. Especially this Nutella, Banana and Apricot with extra Chantilly Cream.

Birthday Surprise Trip Day Three Ice cream 2 Birthday Surprise Trip Day Three Parasol

We stayed on the beach just talking about everything life until the sun went down on us. It was probably one of the nicest days on our holiday. Do you ever get that? The days you don’t do anything at all, are sometimes the most enjoyable?

france_68 d france_71 d

We decided to skip Dinner that night, and just have a bed-nic full of little snacks we picked up on our travels on the previous days. Lay in bed, and catch up with YouTube videos. Ready for our last day in Nice the following morning.

Keep your eyes out for the final- PART 4.
The photos on all parts of this Journey are going to be part mine, and part Tom’s. Check out his website at and his VLOG from our holiday!

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