Travel Diary: The Birthday Surprise: Part 4

If you have been following our Journey on this little Birthday Surprise you would have read that I set up a series of clues around the house, for Tom to find- to work out what I had planned for his Birthday Treat- Catch up with Part 1: Here. Part 2: Here. OR Part 3: Here.

Today is our last day. This makes me really sad- but we have had such a lovely time discovering a new place and eating lots of amazing food. But the food is not over just yet. I used to tell Tom about my old head chef Matt’s food all the time- and how he just had to try it. So while we were staying with them, how could we not take advantage of this and get stuck in just one more time.

Tom decided he wanted to spend the morning shooting, to get some final shots of this beautiful place, and actually woke up at 6am to get the sun rising over the mountains. The hotel we were staying in, was actually in the middle of nowhere- up the top of the mountain. It took a good 10 minutes drive to even get up/down the mountain, but made for some incredible views.

france_75 d

We even had a wonder up and down the mountain when I finally got up (Sorry but 6am is not a reasonable time!) and had a quick photo shoot there- unfortunately Tom is in Sri Lanka while I’m writing this and I can’t access more of the photos he took, but have a sneaky look at his VLOG for some more of the shots.

france_51 france_54

Birthday Surprise Trip Day Four Selfie Birthday Surprise Trip Day Four Tom Cookie

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again- walking really does work up your appetite.

Gimmie all the food.

Birthday Surprise Trip Day Four Tom

We both decided to go for different things in the restaurant. Tom’s learnt to do this so that we can both try each others. I say learnt- I mean forced.

Birthday Surprise Trip Day Four Bread

But I was too excited about getting stuck into my own food, that I never actually took photos of his food. (Worst Food Blogger ever. Soz)

But mine tasted incredible, and that’s all that matters.

We started with soup, I opted for the Cauliflower and Brie soup which I was completely obsessed with, when we used to serve this back in Eze, and Tom decided on the traditional French Onion Soup. Both so full of flavour, and with the perfect consistency.

Birthday Surprise Trip Day Four Soup

For Mains I went for the Slow Roasted Lamb, and Tom had the Confit of Duck- both served with a choice of potato, I went for Rossti, and Tom- Pomme Puree- then Roasted Carrotts, Duxselle, Roasted Cauliflower, Celeriac Puree, Carrott Puree, Breaded Mushroom, Grilled Tomato and Jus. OH MY GOD. Yes. It was a huge amount. Oh and Parsnip Crisps. It was the biggest plate of incredible tasting food I had ever had the pleasure of tasting. All the flavours and textures just complimented each other. There was silky smooth purees, with added crunch from the crisps and the breaded mushrooms. Pepper filled duxselle cutting through the cream from the puree and the harshness from the jus. A complete and well thought out dish. Just perhaps a bit too big. (Now I never thought I would ever say that about a plate of food!) Birthday Surprise Trip Day Four Lamb Birthday Surprise Trip Day Four Lamb 2 Birthday Surprise Trip Day Four Mush
I knew that I had the Chocolate Fondant on order- so was more than happy to leave the majority of my main. Because, I’m sorry you cannot beat a Dark chocolate, gooey fondant with home-made ice-cream and rich apple puree to cut through everything and bring it all together.

Birthday Surprise Trip Day Four Fondat

I have never been in such a food coma in all my life before. The plane had no idea what it was expecting to lift after eating all that. Sorry Easyjet.

But a massive thank you to Matthew and Stephanie for letting us stay with you up in the Massoins.

france_81 d france_80 d

Now all that is left is to go to the Airport and head back home.

Birthday Surprise Trip Day Four AirportBirthday Surprise Trip Day Four Bag

I am so glad that Tom enjoyed his little Birthday Surprise get away- and so excited that I got to share this all with you. I highly recommend going out to Nice if you haven’t ever been, or even if you have- go again! And if you can’t find anyone to go with you- you know where I am!

The photos on all parts of this Journey are going to be part mine, and part Tom’s. Check out his website at and his VLOG from our holiday!

amanda BOOTES
au revoir Nice.


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