3 Outfits with GEM: Wear it and Share it.

I was recently contact by the lovely people over at Gem London asking if I would like to take part in their #GEMLONDONSTYLE competition- showcasing one of their gorgeous necklaces.

Now as many of you know, I’m not a very fashionable person at all when it comes to trends and styles, I know what I like, and what works for me and stick to it. That’s not to say that I don’t like accessorising and changin’ up my style and outfits- but I’m not too sure if it looks the typical ‘stylish’ or ‘trendy’ but hey ho. By being able to keep my outfit choices simple, I can afford to wear statement necklaces or accessories to glam them up a little bit- so this challenge suited me perfectly.

As soon as my necklace arrived, I knew exactly the styles I wanted to re-create with it. It was a gorgeous statement with green, pale blue and clear diamantes across it. Having some weight behind it, meant that I wasn’t afraid that it would turn, without being too heavy it weighed the outfits (and my neck) down.

Outfit #1: Night-time glam.
Pairing my checked navy blue and white shirt, with some black leggings, navy heels and my gorgeous fluffy blue coat. Adding this statement necklace takes this outfit to glam. Perfect for a night out with my gal pals- catching up over some dinner and (lots of) cocktails. Due to its longer length its perfect for wearing under a shirt collar- with still allowing the collar to stay undone and not be too tight.

Glam Shoot_01 Glam Shoot_05 Glam Shoot_06

Outfit #2: Work-Time Fun.
The bright colours and length transform this plain burgundy dress and boots into something a little bit more out-there but still perfect for work/UNI. Injecting some fun into the outfit but still keeping it professional with that slight hint of casual. This has to be my favourite outfit out of all three I chose.

Glam Shoot_07 Glam Shoot_08 Glam Shoot_09

Outfit #3: Casual Comfies.
Jeans and a Jumper are perfect for this time of year. But just because you are dressing for warmth over style doesn’t mean you can’t accessorise it up with a statement necklace. The bright colours once again add a sense of difference to this outfit, and keep it comfy in feels but gorgeous in sight.
Glam Shoot_14 Glam Shoot_13 Glam Shoot_11

What’s your favourite outfit from my three choices?

and what would you choose to wear with this gorgeous statement necklace?

Photos taken by the insanely talented Tommy Reynolds.

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  1. November 16, 2015 / 2:47 pm

    I actually think I like the third outfit best, possibly because it looks most like something I would wear. I think the headpiece and necklace go really well together! Or maybe the cat is swaying my vote. 🙂

    • November 16, 2015 / 4:10 pm

      Haha, yeah she is a proper cutie. You can’t beat snuggles with a puddy cat!

    • November 17, 2015 / 1:28 pm

      Ah thank you. This makes me happy- knowing I get the fashion nod of approval from you!

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