Appletiser’s 50th Birthday Event at Ascot.

Appletiser. Cocktails. Ascot. The blogger babe that is Vix Meldrew. ALL DOUBLE CHECKED.

If you checked out my vlog – yoohoo, catch it here you would have seen that I was so lucky to be invited to Appletiser’s cocktail event at Ascot racecourse. This has been something that has been on my bucketlist for SO long, and that is now well and truly ticked off, and that makes my heart super happy. Even if I did have to get up at 5am to travel for 4 hours. Bloody replacement buses.

The event though, was absolutely incredible. The very talented Richard Woods (aka. The Cocktail Guy) had worked alongside Appletiser to create some amazing and rather unique cocktails to really stimulate the senses and get those all important gastronomic juices excited. Who thought about putting appletiser with alcohol was a genius. And it’s now my new party trick.

We got to watch Rich create his speciality cocktails and then have a go ourselves, and of course get to drink them after- my fave bit.

Appletiser 12 Appletiser 11 Appletiser 10

Now me and Vix were obvs, very amazing at this- even if she did freestyle her way through one of the cocktails. The girl knows her gin, and she just went for it. I’m definitely not a gin fan though, so I left that one to her.

Three cocktails down (and plenty of Prosecco & appletiser) later, it was competition time, so we created a gin and mint cocktail topped with Prosecco and pomegranate. Even with a interactive feature with an extra shot of gin inside a pipette, that you needed to squeeze into your drink. I think we may have spent more time on the visual aspect than the flavour. #bloggerproblems.. We still so should have won though. Still sulking about this.

And what good is a cocktail event, without some amazing food to be paired with it?

Appletiser 9 Appletiser 8 Appletiser 7

The lovely people at Ascot created a special buffet just for us. Fresh warm bread, crisp steak pie and soft, tender coq au vin. The perfect addition for an evening in the sun, creating cocktails and watching the races.

Thank you so much to the guys over at Appletiser, Ascot and Rich for this incredible event. You guys are the best.

Appletiser 6 Appletiser 5 Appletiser 4 Appletiser 3 Appletiser 2 Appletiser 1

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apple-y goodness.

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  1. April 8, 2016 / 12:24 pm

    Just watched your vlog and I want to make cocktails now (despite the fact I need to have a nap before my night shift.)

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