Duck and Dry: A Review.

Duck and Dry:  A Review.

Now I’m not one of these people that obsesses over their hair. Mine is either, up or down. I may throw in some curlers or put a straightener through it now and again. BUT what I do love, is that salon feeling. You know what I mean. The products, the blow dry. The smell and the feeling that just makes your hair feel light and sassy, and makes you that girl boss who is ready to take on the world. Unfortunately (surprise, surprise) I don’t actually get my ass down to the salon enough. I end up spending my pennies on food and gym kit than on my hair, which is why hello dark roots and split ends, I see you.

So why cant you just bottle up that feeling so I can do it at home, but not one that takes effort and time, because hella no I don’t have any time for that.

I give you Duck and Dry. You may know them as the wonderful and famous brand behind the finest blow dries you ever did have in London. But did you know the babes have created these handy little bottles so that we too can have that professional blow dry at home.

Duck and Dry 7 Duck and Dry 6

Focusing on natural active ingredients such as honey locust, shea butter, coconut oil and additional essential oils and vitamins, the blend between their list of incredible nourishing ingredients and modern science delivers all kinds of wonderfulness to your locks, which are all paraben and sulphate free. Win, win.

The Weightless Leave-In Conditioner is like my new BFF. Hi girl. Literally spray this wonder into damp hair, either blow dry or leave to naturally dry (always the latter, I don’t have time to spray heat on my head the majority of the time) and it just sets to work its magic. By nourishing, caring and repairing any damage that you have. And for me, that’s a lot.

I have been using this for a while now, and my hair feels 10x smoother, it looks healthier and not so straw-like damaged. Not bad, duck and dry. Not bad.

Duck and Dry 2

And the other little goodie which makes me feel like a super star is their Blow dry in a bottle- instant volume. God knows I need this. My hair gets so life-less and limp, its like there’s a dying animal on my head. I attended an event a couple of days ago, where they blow-dried my hair and it gave it this oomf that had me sassy walking everywhere, because when you know you look good, you feel good, and boy did this make my hair look GOOD. Exactly what I can now achieve at home, with my magical little bottle of hair genius without the trouble of getting to a salon, or paying the price for it!! Just spritz it on, style and blow dry- instant volume to wow the crowds that is as simple as A,B,C.

So there is really no excuse for a bad hair day with Duck and Dry ever.

Duck and Dry 1 Duck and Dry 3

*DISCLAIMER: Duck and Dry sent me their products, free of charge in exchange for a review. But all thoughts, opinions and photographs are mine unless stated otherwise.

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