The Toy Shop: A Review

Now I have been wanting to go to the Toy Shop ever since I was told about it, so when they invited me and blogger babes Vix and Jessica down to their new Cocktail launch- I literally was like a kid in a toy shop. There may have even been a paddy from my side when the girls had to leave due to work in the morning and I wanted to stay and party with the cool cats.

Based in the middle of Putney their adorable, chic and colourful bar ticks all the boxes. Complete with miss-matched furniture, bright ornate décor and robot lego portraits you cant go wrong at all. Spread across two floors and including a patio area you can always be sure that you are going to be comfy, although they do get rather busy so best get yo ass over there early to grab a seat.

But with cocktails being served in all kinds of fun and different ways, its no surprise why they are always so busy. Famous for their doll house and robot sharers, with milk bottle crates and shooters coming in close and who can forget about their oh so retro lego mugs (and yes you do get to take them home!) this truly is a unique and quirky bar that I have never seen before.

The Toy Shop 15The Toy Shop 2
Each of their cocktails has a fun and unique little spin on it to really bring the excitement home. My favourite having to be the Revenge of the Gingerbread Man- a gorgeously light spiced cocktail, topped with an edible chocolate Lego man, closely followed by a Prosecco and whiskey combo finished with a salted caramel and popping candy rim.

Pair that with friendly, handsome bar staff that know a thing or two about creating that truly special cocktail, and you are on to a winner.

But like all good toy shops- the proof is in the viewing and aesthetics- so here we go..

P.S I will definitely be returning- this is 100% my new favourite quirky London bar. Plus they are pretty cheap for the quality they offer. At only £8+ and with a whole menu to choose from you would be a fool to miss out on this.

The Toy Shop 13 The Toy Shop 12 The Toy Shop 11 The Toy Shop 14 The Toy Shop 8 The Toy Shop 7 The Toy Shop 5 The Toy Shop 6 The Toy Shop 3

*DISCLAIMR: The Toy Shop invited me down to their launch in exchange for a review. But all thoughts, photographs and opinions are my own unless stated otherwise.

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like a kid in a toy shop.



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