REVIV: CoQ10+ Fitness and Vitamin Supplements Review.

If like me you want to give your body the best you can, that means shoving a load of vitamins down your throat hoping your body will reap the benefits. But do you actually know what vitamins your body is lacking, or do you just take the supplements because you think that its what you should be doing?

Because God knows I do the latter. Supplements picked up from the supermarkets or drug stores that I have seen endorsed and think hey yeah I’m a little bit tired maybe I’m lacking in certain nutritional vitamins. But without any prior research into what it is actually doing to my body. Because our bodies are amazing little buggers and will only take what it needs and then get rid of any additional.

So it could be that we are in turn spending god knows how much on tablets and supplements that is doing nothing but fuelling our waste with vitamins. So how can we get the benefits for vitamins and minerals properly?

This is something that has always crossed my mind, so when REVIV contacted me about their new CoQ10+ Fitness supplement I knew this was the perfect opportunity to pick their doctors brains about additional supplements that will actually benefit my body.

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REVIV is a brand new concept to me, although they are extrmeley well known and all over the globe, their client list reaches profile celebrities such as Simon Cowell (Who we all know I have a massive crush on), Millie Mackintosh, Rita Ora and Jamie Laing. Through their innovative approach to nutritional supplements they are able to rehydrate and revitalise the body with the key minerals nutrients and vitamins through an IV drip. Meaning the goodness goes straight into the bloodstream giving you 100% of the benefits and rewards coming from the vitamins. REVIV pride themselves on knowing that our bodies are only able to digest and absorb around 50% of the vitamins via oral methods such as supplements, tablets, drinking water and energy drinks. Now before you get all worried, it’s a very simple procedure, just like giving blood. A needle is inserted into the arm by one of their highly trained doctors and nurses, and then the IV is allowed to do its thang.

When I arrived at the REVIV clinic in Leeds a few days ago, I was extremely exhausted, my schedule had been crazy the previous few weeks with UNI work, events and client work- so the lovely people over at the clinic decided that I would benefit more from a VITA GLOW rather than the new CoQ10+ (So we will get to that one a little bit later). Through an infusion with high doses of the master anti-oxidant that is Glutathione the little IV can help to restore hydration to the body and skin, prevent and reverse the effects of free radicals (the little bastards that attack the skin and make us look and feel dull), rejuvenate the skin and cleanse all the vital organs of the body. As well as to give your body back its beautiful glow and improve your overall wellness.

By the time I was hooked up to the machine, had a quick photo snap for their website the IV was complete. A quick, painless, fuss-free procedure, and within a few hours I was full of energy. You wouldn’t have even known that I was up at 6am and had travelled for 4 hours as I swooned around the shops of Leeds Center. Vita Glow Magic- and it didn’t just stop there. Over the next few days, my energy levels were considerably improved, my skin had an unknown elasticity to it (which I thought I had lost completely!!) and my skin looked and felt 100% better. The winter months is normally very harsh to my skin, causing dull dark coverage, made 10x worse by the amount of products I put on top to try and hide this. Who knew all it needed was just a dose of glutathione and some vitamin loving?! Giving me the confidence to be more bare-faced out in the public, and not worry that I am going to scare people aware. Even my nails have reaped some benefits as they feel a lot stronger and less brittle. I can definitely see why people include this as part of their beauty regime. With the impacts lasting for up to a month, what kind of vitamin tablet can do that for you aye?!

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I am so impressed that I am already looking into trying another one of their supplements. The CoQ10+ I mentioned earlier. This new little goodie is an exclusive advanced treatment that can help provide noticeable, long-lasting results to health, fitness, sports regimes and performances. Perfect for general gym-bunnies like myself, to marathon trainers and professional athletes.

Through using a blend of ubiquitin and high doses of vitamins B&C the CoQ10+ produces enough energy for cell growth and maintenance, by helping to detoxify the body and help to reduce any additional stress to the body the CoQ10+ is a perfect combination to help protect the body from harmful toxins, while still maintaining cardiovascular health and boosting the immune system. Not done through an IV infusion, but instead a little booster shot which means its 10x quicker and can get the benefits into your body even quicker. This one is already on my to-get-list.

I am so thankful to the lovely people over at REVIV for inviting me along to their press launch of this new little booster, and introducing me to a new and unique way of providing our bodies with the vitamins that they so rightly deserve.

IV Vita Glow from: £199
CoQ10+ Booster Shot from:

*DISCLAIMER: I was invited to REVIV for free of charge, in exchange for a review of their products. But all thoughts and opinions are mine unless stated otherwise.

All photographs are credit of REVIV, I was hooked up to an IV it would have been difficult to snap a few pictures.

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