April Favourites 2016

Now I haven’t actually done a favourite post in a long time, I can’t even remember what month was my last one. I always find products and things that I love, then it gets to like the middle of the next month and I realise I forgot to upload. #Worstblogger.

So I have made it my mission to try and get these up each month AND at the beginning of the month. Because I absolutely love reading them. I love finding new products and what other people are obsessed with. It’s such an awesome concept.

So lets get stuck into my April faves than shall we? There’s been quite a wide range of products that caught my eye this month. Good ol’ april.

April Favourites 18These four products have literally become my go-to goodies over the month of April.

Starting from the Left side: Nspa Night Repair Cream. This thick pink cream has given my face back some well deserved and needed moisture as well as strengthening and protecting my cells (so the tub says!). With a slight sweet but not too overpowering scent, this thick cream really does give some luxury back into your night-time routine. A little goes a long way, so it is definitely a bargain for only £9 in Asda. I have been using this bad boy for a good couple of weeks religiously every night and my skin feels so much healthier and full of life.

Sanctuary Spa: 5 Minute Moisture Boost Mask. I’m a massive fan of face masks. I have a whole collection just waiting to be used. But what I love about this one, is the amount of moisture it can give to the skin in just 5 short minutes. It’s perfect for all skin types and is more like a cream rather than a mask- which means its super simple to remove. I love applying this just before I put on my makeup base to really hydrate the skin and keep it happy.

April Favourites 17 April Favourites 16

The last two products are both from Primark and even though they only cost £1 each they are awesome at what they do. The Hydrating Mineral Water Mist has become my complete BFF after the gym, just one quick spritz onto the face, really push the moisture and hydration back into the skin (Definitely seeing a hydration/moisture pattern with my favourites this month!). It’s super simple. Scent-free and you can really see an improvement in the condition of your skin. Perfect for a quick fix after getting all sweaty and red-faced exercising.

The Sunflower eye patches are one of the best products I have ever brought from Primark. They are awesome. They are these little patches you just pop on under your eyes and it helps to reduce the dark circles, and god knows I need the help!! You get two lots in a pack and there is definite improvement to the grim and gross darkness going on under my eyes.

Keeping to Beauty: I also have been loving nude and basic nail varnishes over April. I was all about the bright colours back in March- trying to inject a bit of colour into my life, but I have toned it down just a tad with my two new faves.

The matte nude from Newlook (£2.99) for an understated colour- which dries in seconds. You do need a few coats of this though, so it’s a good job it does dry so quickly. And this sassy rose gold from Essie (I’m not sure on price, I’m pretty sure I stole this from my sister) to add a little bit of sexy into the day. This one also dries pretty quickly. Us modern woman can’t be waiting around for our nails to dry can we?!

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I have literally been swapping between these two books this month. They are both easy reading, pick up, read and go type books. Which is perfect for when I am travelling to, from and around London for events and meetings.

You can see a full review of Calm here.

And I’m pretty sure the Eat Pretty book has made an appearance in a Favourites post before. But I have just re-found my love for it. Combining all the information needed about the nutrients in food and how these can benefit the body and how you can use this to your advantage. This food both combines my love of good clean food and the scientific benefits from food and eating the seasons.. With some awesome tasty, simple recipes thrown in for good measure.

April Favourites 12 April Favourites 10 April Favourites 9

My entire month has been a constant repeat of James Walker’s smooth and addictive voice. His new EP ‘Modern Medicine’ (You can buy it here) is the perfect combination of soulful lyrics, honest real emotion and catchy melodies. Singing about his experiences with love, loss and life- James really encapsulates what it means to be living in the modern 21st century world. His sad songs will make you experience a world of emotions, some that you probably didn’t even know you could feel and it won’t be long before you are singing along with him.

James has just kicked of his first Solo tour and is currently sharing the love and music all over Europe with fellow musicians JT (From America’s August is Ours) and Kira (The sassy Dutch lady with some powerful lungs). His tour finishes in Brighton on May the 17th and I am so excited to be able to see him finish such an incredible part of his journey and cheer him on doing so.

Go on James. Shake your sass maker and slay the world.

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The Rest:
There’s actually only one over thing that I wanted to put in my favourites, and it doesn’t really have a category but I love it. You may have seen it grace itself all over my social media.

But when it’s this aesthetically pleasing how can you not?

Yes, its my gorgeous new Cacti from Dobbies. It was just under £10. But how stunningly gorgeous does it look with its pretty stones and waves. Plus I cant kill a cactus. So it’s defiantly a win/win.

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What have you been loving this month?

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Goodbye April.




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