Pork Farms: Bloggers Boardgame Championship.

Picture this.

Friday afternoon. A gorgeous little chic Micropub. Some incredible Bloggers. Old School boardgames and crispy, tasty pork pies.

How perfect does that sound?

That was exactly my Friday. And I loved every minute of it. It was one of those incredibly calm Friday afternoons, where you could just forget about any worries or problems, engage in a hardcore session of Trivial Persuit, Monopoly and Jenga and tuck into some of my favourite pastime snacks. Pork pies.

It literally felt like I was playing with my family on a pub game night- and this is all thanks to the lovely people over at Pork Farms and One Inn The Wood in Orpington. The gorgeous micropub hosting the real version of the boardgame championships. Pubs all over gaming their ways to the trophy. Us bloggers just attempting to give it a go, competing for the coveted trophy and giant pork pie. (Won by the sassy Claire from The Witt Family)¬†Although I did eat so many porkpies that day, I felt as though I was going to turn into one. FYI pork pie with branston pickle on top is like life in one bite-sized gorgeous little treats. I probably ate my way into double digits of them and don’t regret a thing.

I did come 4th. But that’s only because I suck ass at Jenga. I was slaying at monopoly and Who Am I?!

Fancy seeing more of what happened? Check out the vlog from the day here..

Pork Farm 1 Pork Farm 3 Pork Farm 4

*DISCLAIMER: I was invited to the Pork Farms Event in exchange for a post of the afternoon. But all thoughts, photographs and opinions are mine unless stated otherwise.

amanda BOOTES
Pork pie lover.



  1. May 2, 2016 / 12:56 pm

    That sounds like my idea of heaven! I love playing board games so much and we both now I am a fatty and so anything that involves food is good for me!!

    Hope to see you soon gorgeous xx

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