New Look: Detox Pamper Pack

This post is coming straight to ya’ll from my sick bed. And not just the *Cough Cough* Mean Girl sick. Full on I think I’m dying, sick.

For the last 3 days I’ve been greeted by sickness, headaches and passing out every-time I stand. Oh and major stabbing Gallbladder pain. Yay for my life. So that means that I have literally just stayed in bed binge watching the entire box set of Skins and drinking copious amounts of strawberry flavoured water. Pair that with text-moaning to literally anyone that will listen to me and you have my bank holiday weekend. Try and not be too jel.

BUT. I have an extremely busy and important day tomorrow so that means that I need to try and make myself better. So thought what better way to at least try than with a little bit of a detox pamper, because when you look good, you feel good right? Please say that I didn’t just make that up and that’s a real thing. It needs to be a real thing.

I picked up this little Detox Pamper Pack from New Look a few weeks ago in their sale. Hello little bargain pack for only £3. (Normally £6.99) You babe, and I have literally been trying to find a good time to use it, and voila here we go. Work your magic babies.

Pamper 8

Inside this little goodie bag, is a Jojoba Hair Mask, an Aromatherapy Intensive Foot Cream, a Cucumber and Aloe Vera Face Mask and a Wild Rose Eye Pad Set.

Everything you need to really create a full on pamper sesh- to really unwind, revitalise and prepare yourself for the rest of the week.

Each little sachet takes 15 minutes to really soak in and work their goodness into your body and they all smell bloody fantastic. Seriously if I could eat (and if you could) I would so have already inhaled the Jojoba hair mask. It smells like a mixture of coconut and fruity goodness. In-fact I would have that with a side of the cucumber face mask, because that smells just like summer to me, and that makes me happy AF.

So I am going to hop into the shower, pop in my hair mask, pop on my foot and face masks- finish that off with the rose fragranced eye pads (which FYI I am loving after trying these bad boys last week) light some candles and loose myself in Chris Ayer’s beautiful voice. All about that American soothing voice right now.

And I will see you on the other side. All the finger crossed emojis.

P.S if anyone wants to yano swap bodies, or failing that send me cranberry juice and cookies that would be cool too.

Pamper 6 Pamper 3 Pamper 5 Pamper 4

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