Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolors: Review

It has only taken me 23 years, but I’m finally confident rocking a lipstick- and actually never really leave the house without one on. Unless I’m heading to the gym- because who wants lipstick all smeared over their face when you are getting down and dirty and sweating it up.

I started with just a nude and wouldn’t go anywhere near a different colour for about a year- I was terrified. How pathetic does that sound? Haha. I never thought I would be able to pull anything else off- and I would look stupid. Oh man- how wrong was I? A lipstick, that is the right colour for you can just elevate and sophisticate your entire look. I have been missing out on a trick for so long.

I’m not a massive fan of matte lipsticks- I always find them really drying even though I love the finish they give. Its a love hate relationship- until I found the Revlon Matte Lipcolors.

Revlon Revlon 7Revlon 5

I actually really only picked them up due to their awesome highlighter style looking packaging. (anyone else buy things based on the packaging) swatched a few of the colours in store and just knew I had to have them in my life. Especially because they were 3 for 2 in Superdrug- I could get even more buck for my money- and I am a massive bargin hunter. I picked up Seduction, Devotion and Temptation.

Since then- I haven’t actually worn anything else on my lips. The finish is a nourishing matte- the colours just pop and they last for hours. (which is a big yes from me).

Applied from a wand applicator as if more a lip-gloss style, these are perfect for those quick top ups (when and if you need them) and completely amazing for us lipstick novices. They are sleek and easy to just pop in your handbag and keep your lips feeling and looking happy and sassy all day long.


Revlon 9 Revlon 4 Revlon 6 Revlon 3 Revlon 2

What are your favourite colours?

amanda BOOTES
Smooches. xoxo

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  1. Kate Roberts

    Beautiful photos 🙂
    I’ve wanted to try these for ages now so I think it’s about time I got my hands on a few!
    I had the same trouble with lipstick too, I would only ever wear a light natural pink shade but now I experiment with bolder shades too & love them.
    I find matte lipsticks can be very drying too so I’m hoping these won’t be.
    Kate x

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