10 things people with PCOS are sick of hearing.

10 things people with PCOS are sick of hearing.

This post is sponsored by the undeniably painful stabbing and fire burning going on in my ovaries right now, because. I have PCOS.

But what is it?

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a condition that affects the way your ovaries work. Which results in the ovaries developing lots of small cysts or follicles on them. In the UK about seven in every 100 women have PCOS and about 1 in 5 women in the USA suffer with this ever growing condition.
But like every medical condition, the people suffering with it are sick of dealing with it, just as much as they are sick of hearing the same old things from other people.

and there are a few things, I am SUPER sick of hearing.

1- It’s just a ‘bad period pain’ stop moaning.
Oh I’m sorry does your period cause you have to balls of fluid growing on them?!

2- You are looking a little fat lately
PCOS affects the hormones that can cause weight gain, and means it is very hard to get the weight off in some sufferers. It’s not just the fact that they don’t eat healthy.

3- So, can you have kids?
Probably one of the worst questions to ever ask someone suffering with PCOS. Yes a lot of people with the condition are able to conceive naturally, but there has been noticeable reduction in conceiving amongst PCOS sufferers, and it’s always a worry for anyone.

4- Cheer up. Stop being such a miserable bitch
PCOS has a major influence on the hormones in the body. Resulting in the likelihood of mood swings, depression and anxiety.

5- You just need a good nights sleep
That would help, if we could actually sleep. Suffers of PCOS often report problems with insomnia and poor sleep, and there has been research into PCOS sufferers developing sleep apnea (where a person will stop breathing for short periods of time during sleep.)

6- You should really shave more
This includes areas such as the face, arms, thumbs, toes, abdomens and chest. But yes, once again this is linked to the hormonal changes in androgens areas.

7- Relax. It will get better
Oh will it? Because there is no cure. So how will it get better?!

8- It’s common. Why are you moaning about it?
Yes it is common, but it doesn’t stop the increasing pain stabbing my ovaries just because another woman has it.

9- So, does it hurt when you have sex?
Always an awkward one to talk about. Cysts and sex aren’t a sexy conversation. EVER.

10- You should have grown out of Acne at your age
Tell that to the increasing hormones racing around my body.

People suffering with PCOS have a lot to deal with already, without having to deal with ridiculous questions and comments.

So maybe think twice, before you question a PCOS sufferer, because we have feelings too.

amanda BOOTES
PCOS is for life, not just for Christmas. Unfortunately.


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  1. June 18, 2016 / 5:38 am

    I randomly saw this post on bloglovin’ and I followed you immediately. #5 & #6 are the worst. I had lunch with my friend the other day and she was pointing out all my stray facial hair and told me to buy tweezers (I was a few days late on my wax appointment). Glad to know there’s other PCOSers out there. I tell myself that these types of situations are just opportunities to educate others… but people can be really rude though!

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