June Favourites 2016

I say this every month, so instead of being the cliché how is it June already- I am going to actually jump straight into the products, that you are here to read.

I don’t actually have a massive amounts of products this month; I put that down to being glued to my computer, or text books (did I mention I graduated from UNI?) or stuck to a heart monitor in bed poorly, so haven’t actually been able to get out the house much and experience all these new products.

That being said, I do have a few goodies that did make it onto my list.

AND we have to start with the new S’mores Frappuccino’s from Starbucks. I don’t care if it’s the banana caramel one, or the chocolate marshmallow. As long as its got lots of fluffy cream, some gooey sticky sauce and that amazing s’mores mixture I am a happy bunny. I have been obsessed with these badboys all month. And I know they are packed full of sugar and fat and calories, but they are also packed full of happiness, and rainbows and sunshine and that is all that counts.

June Faves 9 June Faves 8

Swiftly moving onto another consumable favourite of mine this month, and it has to be the new flavours from Drench. The pear and blueberry one in particular. I used to hate Drench juice. They used to make me even more thirsty due to their strong juicy flavour. (I guess that’s how they get their money from you), but I saw this new flavour one day and just impulse brought it, and enjoyed every sip- and have since reached for them every time I need a juice hit. Well done Drench. You have grown up and redeemed yourself.

June Faves 5

The next badboy that made its way onto my June Faves list has to be this totes adorbs tee from Primark. It has a cute little taco and a pun on it, whats not to love? I did have to buy a size 2 sizes bigger than my normal size, as they come up ridiculously small- but its worth it. Look how happy he is. And I also got to meet my culinary hero at the taste of London this year in it- so its a win/win all round.

June Faves 6 June Faves 7

The last three products on my list are actually lipsticks. I know right? What has happened to the novice lipstick scardy cat, that was donning the lipglosses at the beginning of the year. She, too has grown up. And I am completely in love with three different styles and colours.

The velvet matte lip crayon from Primark in the shade blush was another impulse buy. I literally just picked it up while standing in a que and love it. Its simple to use, its got a larger tip than a standard crayon and just creates this smooth, matte finish. The colour is perfect for those quick natural makeup days, and super simple to apply for top-ups throughout the day. It is a 9/10 for me. And for only £2 its definitely one you need to invest in- even if you just use it as a base coat under another more sleek finish lipstick.

June Faves 3

Which is what I do on days I want to amp it up a little bit- a little bit of this gorgeous The Body Shop nude little beauty. I actually brought this a couple of years ago (and it looks like they have since redeveloped the product and can now be found under their colour crush line- nude allure) and instantly fell in love with not only the colour and finish on the lipstick, but its beautiful rose gold and metallic packaging. I have since re-found my love for it, on top of a matte pencil or on its own. It creates a beautiful brown undertoned finish with a slight hint of matte.

June Faves 2

My last lipstick that I have found and love- has to be the Rimmel lasting finish in the shade Heartbreaker. It’s completely different to any colour I would normally wear, but I seriously feel sassy AF in it. Its a deep pink, with a reddish purple undertone and slides on perfectly. Plus it also smells fantastic. Which I absolutely adore in lipsticks. It also does what it says on the tin- and lasts all day. I even managed to shovel down my porridge and honey this morning without it budging.

June Faves 4 June Faves 10

So that’s it on the product favourite front this month.

What have you been loving?

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