Bellum Active: Review.

Bellum Active: Review.

Bellum Active is one of the newer sports wear companies that I have recently found, and fallen heads over heels in love  with their products.

Being launched in 2015 (so the brand is still a baby), Bellum Active was created through Founders Jodi Kerschl’s love for nature and the outdoors, as well as her massive passion for running and triathlon events around the world. (She is some serious fitspo.)

The designs and clothes created for Bellum Active were done so in order to reflect not only a woman’s femininity but also their strength, their determination and their kick-ass abilities. They created Sports and active wear to really give you that edge, whether you are donning it in the gym, out on the street or in a workout class.

And for anyone that is serious about fitness, understands how important it is to invest in staple pieces to really give you the advantage you need during your workouts. Your kit needs to be comfortable, breathable, movable and durable- and Bellum Active promises all that, and more.

I immediately brought into the companies mantra, and was super excited for my own outfit to arrive. I opted for these gorgeous mint green leggings with a fierce leopard print complete with mesh patches on the knees, and a sleek, silk black long sleeved tee- with the feminine cut out detail on the black.

I wanted an outfit that I could really wear out on the streets, and able to run in, regardless of the weather rather than yet another gym kit piece. Its lightweight wear and capability really gives it that advantage over cotton sportswear- and this is perfect for long or short distance running. It fits around the body perfectly but due to the fabric it is chafe free and functional in every way possible.

Plus the cute feminine details make it feel that little bit more elegant over the mundane gym kit. So you can look good, feel good and workout hard.

Not too shabby for a piece of fabric ay?

Bellum Active 1 Bellum Active 3 Bellum Active 4

I’m wearing the Anja Active Luxe Top (Small) which costs £60 and the Run Wild Active Run Tights (Small) which cost £55.

*Disclaimer: Bellum Active sent me their products free of charge, in exchange for a review. This being said all thoughts, photographs, and opinions are my own unless stated otherwise.

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