Spring/Summer makeup routine.

I have finally found a makeup routine that suits my colouring, my face and my abilities. Amanda is one happy sausage right now.

It has taken a while, full of reading blog after blog, and watching youtube video after video to be able to confident enough and happy in my own makeup routine, and one that I have been donning for the last few weeks or so.

It’s nothing fancy- nothing makeup geek fuelled, but just a simple easy routine that can be done with products found on the high-street. But one, that makes me feel sassy AF and one that importantly lasts all day.

The Base:
I always make sure that I have a clean, fresh face before starting my makeup- this just ensures that my products go on easy and also (fingers crossed) can help save an unnecessary and very much unwanted break out. After cleaning I always pop on a moisturiser- the one I am using at the moment is the day cream from Nspa- which comes in my daily cleansing routine which you can see here. I will also run the Benefit primer over my brows to just give them some loving- I allow this to dry naturally for around 4/5 minutes before popping on any other products.

I have actually been using a under-coat of foundation rather than a primer- I am yet to find a primer I actually like that isn’t too sillicony and leaves my skin feeling rubbery and heavy- always open to suggestions though- hit me up with your primer BFF’s recommendations.

My first foundation that I put on is the Rimmel match perfection in Light Porcelain- I just sparingly apply this with the tips of my fingers. Its such a light coverage and just gives me a base to work on.

On top of that goes my second coat of foundation- and my weapon of choice for this is always the L’Oreal Infallible 24hr Matte in Vanilla. This has literally been my go-to foundation for months. Its got such a beautiful coverage, its not too thick or heavy (even on top of another coat of foundation) and it just gives my skin that matte finish with no shine anywhere. I apply this with my foundation brush from real techniques and then finish it off with my beauty blender to really give it that finished- barely there look.

Finishing off my base I have been absolutely loving the Instant Anti-Age Eraser Eye concealer from Maybelline and mine is in the shade Light. This little beauty is popped on under my eyes in a triangle motion, down the bridge of my nose and dotted on any other areas that need any extra help. I love that this is in its own sponge it just makes application mess and hassle free. I will however blend with my beauty blender just to even it all out. The shade is a perfect combinational match with my infallible foundation, its a tad lighter but blends perfectly to give that ‘yeah I have no bags- kinda look’

Makeup 6 Makeup 4

The Contour:
Contouring is something that I have only just mastered- and is something that I believe works for my shape- I can easily just shove it into my routine without it taking hours to master and complete. So move aside strobing and caking and god knows what else creations that have been made. Contour is my bae, and is here to stay.

I pop on some of my vivid baked highlighter in shade peach lights from Make-Up Revolution. (I think I picked this up when I was oh so poor, and was only around £4 as a make do product until I could afford better, and absolutely loved it. Its pigmented and has a peach undertone, but does so with such subtly- which gives my face that sexy ass glow that it needs without looking too caked on.) with my spectrum brush across my cheek bones, on the underneath of my brow bones, across my forehead in a triangle motion, down the bridge off my nose and dabbed onto my cupids bow.

Using my contour brush from real techniques I will then go in under my highlight in a 3 motion across the outline of my face, across the cheekbone, and under the jaw line with my trusted GOSH bronzer. (which is sold out everywhere- and I am running low- WAAH). I will also use the edge of the brush to draw a contour line down either side of my nose.

Then using my big fluffy buffer brush from real techniques I blend, blend, blend until I look less like a clown and more like a sassy human with cheekbones and a highlight that could kill.

I will then take my big fluffy brush from Primark, tap some clear complexion powder from Rimmel in the shade transparent over my contour- let set for a couple of seconds, before bushing away.

Makeup 3 Makeup 2

The Eyes:
I have been obsessed with the gold smokey eye- but done more to neutral than shimmer for the last few weeks- and its also one that is super simple to do. I take 2 or three brown/gold shades (either from my avon or technic palates) and use the lighter shade on the lid, the darker ones in the crease and blend to hell with my eco shadow brush.

I line the inner rim with the Maybelline crayon in Khol- and then lovingly layer on a mixture of the Benefit Roller Lash and the Gosh Rebel Eyes.

The brows are finished with either the Benefit Ka-Brow in shade 1, or the Goof Proof Pencil (shade 1) to give them some love and some volume. I am such a brow novice, which is why I LOVE benefits new brow products – keep your eyes (and brows) peeled for the review coming soon.

The Lips:
Now if you read my June Faves- (yoohoo read them here) you would see that I am obsessed with three new lip products and ones that I have been swapping and changing daily.

So if I want to go for a complete nude look I will line my lips with the velvet matte lip crayon from Primark in the colour Blush and swipe over a splash of the Body Shops nude allure lipstick.

Or if I want something a little bit sassier I will opt for the purple undertoned Heart-Breaker from Rimmel.

June Faves 4 June Faves 3

The Finished Product:
And there you have it. My complete go-to daily face for the Spring and Summer.

Complete with a gold neutral smokey eye, a highlight that pops and a sassy lip.

Makeup 1 Benefit Brows 7 June Faves 1

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