The new Benefit Brow products.

Now its no news that I am a complete brow novice, I literally do zero to my brows and hope that my irrational and irregular personality can distract people from the mop going on along my brow bones.

I probably pluck them when I can be bothered, never had them shaped, or tinted, or dyed or god knows what else you can do with the bits of hair that we actually allow to grow on our face.

And it wasn’t until I attended the Benefit Brow launch on the oh so sexy beneship -(catch the vlog here) that I realised that it as actually possible to make your brows look fierce with hardly any effort needed at all- if by magic- and now I am a complete brow-lover.

Benefit’s new brow range has allowed people all over, whether they are novices or experts to be able to create and design their eyebrows to their own specifications, in a fun and fool proof way to fleek brows, what’s not to love?

After trying out their amazing new formulated and designed products in 6 new shades I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them and try at home.

So when a parcel from Benefit arrived on my doorstop- you can imagine my excitement. With 4 of their brand new products inside I was a brow-happy-sausage.

Benefit Brows 5 Benefit Brows 3 Benefit Brows 1

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve had my hands on their products, and I can honestly say there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t include one or two of their products into my makeup routine. So thought that I would share with you all what I love about the new Benefit Brow collection.

BROWVO!- The Conditioning primer.
Like, you should have seen my face when I was first shown this. I don’t even use a primer for my face, let alone my eyebrows. I seriously thought I was being duped. Like. A primer. For your brows? Really.. But I couldn’t have been my wrong- and I needed this product in my life more than I ever realised. Through their use of a nutrient-rich formula containing keratin and soy proteins the gel can help create thicker, healthier and fuller brows- and my god does it. In its easy 2 steps- click and apply, it helps to condition and prime your brows to nourished perfection. P.S it also helps to enhance the colour and extended wear of any additional brow products- a 2 in one goodie.

Makeup 4 Benefit Brows 9

KA-BROW! – All in one colour.
First can we just mention how cute this packaging is- actually how cute the entire range is. But this one, in particular because it reminds me of the Eiffel tower, and all the wanderlust feels right there. Anyways- this brush on, wearable cream-gel is the perfect tool in order to fill in, sculpt and define your brows. With its own compact brush you can really build the drama with little to no hassle. Plus this beauty is 24-hour durable and waterproof. What more would you need from a brow product?

GIMMIE BROW!- The volumizing fiber gel.
The already award winning and well-loved brow gel is now re-developed into 3 new shades, in order to be the perfect BFF (brow friend forever) for any gal or guy. The ridiculously easy brush on gel contains tiny microfibers to stick to the skin and hair on your sassy brows to create natural looking fullness and definition. With over 94% of people saying that their brows look visibly thicker through the gimmie brow application- you can’t not afford to have this baby in your staple kit. (and is 100% one of my faves due to how simple it is to create a well defined and full brow in seconds).

Benefit Brows 7 Benefit Brows 6

GOOF PROOF- Brow Pencil.
Now this is another one that is an absolute fave of mine, in creating natural looking brows that you can shape and fill in, in 2 easy steps. Simply use the angled tip to fill in and shape the brows then use the spoolie-brush throughout the lashes to blend its magic together. Its simple glide-on formula allows a soft colour to be transferred to the brows which lasts up to 12 hours and is waterproof. Plus its non-sharpen tips is perfect for gals who can’t ever find the sharpener even though they own about 3.

The benefit brow products range also include the sassy high brow & high brow glow, the ready set BROW, the precisely, my brow pencil, the 3D brow-tones and the browzings which I 100% need to get my hands on ASAP. The prices for the products range from £17.50 up to £24.50 but are worth every penny.

Benefit Brows 8 Benefit Brows 4 Benefit Brows 2

I have never had so many products that are for the same piece of my face, that I have loved every single one. Their simple to use formulas and wear-ability make these beauties one to look out for.

Have you got your hands on any of the benefit brow products yet? What ones are your faves?

*Disclaimer: Benefit kindly sent me their new products for attending their Benefit Brow Launch- but all thoughts, photographs and opinions are my own unless stated otherwise.

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  1. Joanna
    July 11, 2016 / 10:55 am

    Id love to see a before and after photo of you and your brows!! I follow benefit on Instagram but it’s always models who have had it professionally done and I honestly believe mine would still look a mess even if I spent a fortune on the products…

    • July 11, 2016 / 11:03 am

      Il send you a snapchat next time I do them!

  2. July 11, 2016 / 9:49 pm

    I seriously need the brow conditioning primer and Ka-Brow in my life! Love the photography in this post too

    Emily x |

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