The Mid-Week Pamper.

I’m a big fan of having a pamper on a Sunday. Like that whole- have a rest, relax and set yourself up for the week ahead.

There’s something amazing about taking a step back from the hustle and bustle of the 21st century world- and allowing yourself some time just for you. BUT why should this always be a Sunday thing? Why can’t we have a little mid-week pamper. Have a little treat for getting through the beginning of the week, and giving us a little bit of ommpf to get us through until the weekend?

I’m a big lover of doing stuff for ourselves once in a while. And hump-day seems like the best time for a sneaky, cheeky little mid-week pamper.

Go on treat yo’self. You deserve it.

Now I’m not talking full on pamper spa day- calm yourself a little bit. It is only a weekday remember.

But a nice hot steamy bath (or shower) finished with a beautiful, creamy moisturiser- and I am absolutely loving the set from Ted Baker at the moment. Their body wash, moisturiser and hand cream all smell absolutely incredible- and they look as sassy and they make you feel.

Finished with some nail loving. And I adore the products from London Grace right now. With their nourishing cuticle oil to really nourish and love the nail beds, topped with their setting base coat and finished with their gorgeous polish. A quick little treatment to the perfect claws.

Burn your favourite candle, put on some relaxing music and grab a good book. And just allow yourself the chance to really relax and slow down- ready for the fast paced world again tomorrow.

None of this post is sponsored, but just the products that I actually love to use at the moment- and think that you would too.

Pamper 5 Pamper 2 Pamper 1

and just in case anyone was wondering the A candle is from Asda. I’m a sucker for anything personalised.
Now go get your pamper on.


amanda BOOTES
go on, you deserve it.



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