What they don’t tell you about being off work sick.

Sometimes being off work due to a sickness, or an operation or injury can actually be seen as a blessing- you get to spend all day in bed, you don’t have to deal with the commute to and from work, you can spend all day in your PJS and eat all the food you want.

But its not all fun and games. The novelty wears off pretty quickly. Especially if you are sick for more than a few days!

There are actually a few things that people don’t even realise you do/don’t do while not working and being stuck off poorly- and they are just sat there like ‘at least you aren’t having to be at work all day- what are you complaining for!?’

But its a real problem.

You get fat.
Sitting there eating your body weight in cookies and ice cream may seem like a good idea, because you are poorly and deserve all the treats in the world. But sickness calories do count I’m afraid and put on top of that, not being able to get up and exercise and you are going to be adding a little extra junk in the trunk.

You get bored of Netflix.
Who ever thought that was a possibility right? But there’s only so much energy you can put in watching yet ANOTHER series before realising that you are completely wasting your life away.

Your phone becomes your best friend.
and Social Media becomes your life line. Without being able to catch up with the daily gossip at work, or with friends you spend your days online trying to still feel a connection to other people.

You feel useless.
You don’t have a purpose or a reason to wake up, to have a shower, to get all made up- to physically do anything. You aren’t needed to do anything. And this can hit pretty hard after yet another day of watching Netflix, that you haven’t actually achieved anything for a while.

You miss routine.
This goes hand in hand with the above- who would have thought that you would actually miss waking up at 7am?

You get sick of being sick.
All the symptoms that come with being sick, and feeling sorry for yourself wear off pretty quickly. They get exhausting and you just want to be back to normal.

You can go days without actually putting real clothes on.
Now, I know that sounds pretty sweet- all about those comfies. But you can actually go days just laying around in your PJs and realising how much of a slob you have actually become.

Fear of falling behind.
You are stuck with a constant worry of falling behind with work, but you cant physically working without feeling like you want to vom- or pain. So you are just sat in this limbo state where you want to work but you cant.

You get used to accepting defeat.
You loose your will power. You get used to the fact that you cant get up, you cant leave your house, you cant do all the things that you used too. And it really affects your motivation. hard.

FOMO is real.
Seeing your pals all making plans online or being tagged in photos can get depressing and feel like you are completely missing out on life. But I can guarantee it wasn’t as fun as it looks!

But the best part about it is- you will get better, your body will thank you for the rest, and the only benefit about being sick- is how good you feel when you get better.

So keep your head high, and keep trudging along. We can get there!!

amanda BOOTES
being sick, sucks.





  1. Laura Butcher

    omg yes to all these things! I don’t envy you babe… when I was off after my ankle operation I was so miserable, I put on a stone and went days barely even moving! I ached everywhere. But one day I decided to get up, attempt to shower (not easy) put some fancier pjs on (lol) and some make up and it actually really helped! xx

  2. Lauren

    Hope you feel better soon lovely. I felt pretty much all of these when I was really unwell & stuck at home just moving from bed to sofa for over a month earlier this year. You’ll be fighting for soon enough. xxx

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