What I’m Reading: Health, Well-being and Sob Stories.

Now apart from blogs and online news stories I’m not actually a massive reader. Now that’s actually hard to believe if you know me, because I’m that annoying person that can’t watch TV unless it has subtitles on. So you would think that I would be an avid reader.

All of my family are- and the only time I really read anything is when I am stuck in hospital or in bed poorly- which is why I made sure that I had a few books to occupy my time over my operation recuperating period. (Although there has been a lot of blog reading going on still- I see you bloggers).

I wanted to make sure the books that I picked up were ones that didn’t need too much concentration or involvement needing in them, being high on morphine and anti-sickness meds makes it pretty hard to really get stuck in-depth into stories and contexts. So I opted for two books that you could literally just pick up, choose a page and just take it as it comes.

The Calm Book from Michael Acton Smith and Eat Pretty by Jolene Hart are two perfect examples of these types of books- and ones that I absolutely love.

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You can read a full review of Calm here: and Eat pretty is literally the best well-being, healthy eating book packed full of nutritional, health-knowledge and recipes to get the best out of our foods and how to eat the seasons and eat for the benefit of our body. This is actually the second or third time I am reading Eat Pretty- because the nutrients in food and what they do for our body and mind is something that really intrigues and interests me!

And of course I had to jump on the band-wagon with Me Before You. I have been told by so many people to read the book before I watch the movie, and I am half way through- I won’t give any spoilers away here in-case you want to read it yourself. But I am completely invested in the story and the characters and would 100% recommend it to anyone- but be prepared with your tissues and a big box of chocolates.


What are you reading at the moment?

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  1. July 20, 2016 / 7:30 pm

    Im reading calm and me before you haha. As for me before you, im about halfway through too and Ive seen the film 4 times … So far its a little different to the movie but its the first time I have ever read the book and seen the film and enjoyed them both equally 🙂

    Charlotte | http://www.shoestringchic.co.uk

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