Lets talk about: Pressure.

They tell you all the while you are growing up, in science or some shit, that the more pressure you put on something, it will eventually turn into a diamond. Now that’s not exactly as straight forward as I make it out to be, I’m sure there is a lot of scientific and other smart stuff in there- but it was always used as a philosophical quote- to show us that no matter what stresses and strains, worries and pressures the world around us is putting on our shoulders we will emerge from the rubble a super shiny, pricey diamond.

Well newsflash babies. That doesn’t happen. If anything you may just become a polished rock.

Life isn’t all about quotes and mantras and everything works out fine in a snap of your fingers.

It takes god damn hard work to turn that smog into a diamond. And it takes god damn hard work to turn ourselves into one too. We can’t just sit down and let the pressures of the world take over- and just put it down to good learning. We need to brush ourselves off and realise that- Hey, I was a diamond all along, not just a polished turd.

It’s hard. I know that more than anyone- or probably the same as anyone. We all have our problems of the world. But sometimes, the pressure just gets too much and you are just left wondering if it is really going to make you better or you are just someone up there’s play toy- to ruin when they feel like it.

I’m not even sure what this post is about, soz babes.

But it one of those things where I have tons and tons of pressure just pushing down on me right now, and half of me feels like breaking down and crying, and letting the pressure just do its thang, but the other half of me wants to fight. Is pressure a good thing?

It can make us fight quicker, harder and more confident than before. By having deadlines, time scales, competition against us. But it can also make us depressed, anxious and worried. Unable to eat/sleep/work due to the amount dragging us down.

Regardless of its benefits or lack off its something that we are unable to stop. So we just have to control. To chip and chip away at that big ol’ pressure block weighing you down. By breaking those stresses into manageable tasks and one pebble at a time, you can lift the pressure stone away from you.

Surround yourself with good friends, family. Do your research on whatever it is that is being such a grade A bitch to you- and own that shit.

Because darling you are a fucking diamond already- and pressure is just a stepping stone to ultimate platinum status.

amanda BOOTES
pressure- raining down on me.

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