Do you have an e-crush on success?

Now I’m not talking about fantasies in the middle of the day about (enter e-crush name here), that little bit moist in the panty region when you see their latest IG upload or hilarious tweet.

But rather that e-crush on people that have been completely slaying it lately. Like you see your blogger gal who has smashed out another belter of a post and you are like. “Oh hell yes baby!!!” or your favourite local musician cracking out another honest, emotional song on the ol’ y-tube, that just makes you want to curl up on the sofa with a box of tissues and just cuddle all the puppies in the world.

e-crushes aren’t just there for the famous of the world, for the biggest and best of the internet, a crush is a crush, and I am not afraid to say I have plenty of e-crushes on people of the internet. Not because they are mighty fine, and so sexy that they could physically slay, but because their success and their love for life just makes you have all the fluttering butterfly emojis in your stomach.

Like you are drawn to the successful people of the internet like a fuck-boy to a stripper club.

Think of it as a little bit more than a like and a little bit less than a fangirl. Like you won’t faint when they like your tweet, but you appreciate their beauty from a far in a cool kinda wait three days before calling, i’m super casual way.

The people that truly deserve every good thing that happens to them, and you get to follow their journey because you are just that special. The people that work their little fucking arse off to ensure that you are getting that giggle in your lunch break, and that emosh feeling in the evening. The people that actually are humble for their followings and appreciate that they wouldn’t be where they were without your love. So when I say crush- I don’t mean you want to rip their clothes off and just take their naked bodies covered in PB- you just love to see them succeed because they deserve it. And people that deserve the success they are receiving just make them that oh so loveable.

These e-crushes can stem from anything, from the lusting over their sassy AF instagramable feed, their orgasmic voice that gives you the come to bed feels, to their hot and steamy blog posts, all the way through to their passion, their love, their drive and confidence in the way they approach their day to day lives- and finishing up with their addicted internet personalities.

So make sure that you are embracing your e-crushes in the world, and spreading the love and letting them know that they have made a difference in your life.

Who are your e-crushes? Tweet me at @amandabootes who I should be stalking and loving.

amanda BOOTES
lets spread the e-love.



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  1. lily kate

    I totally have e-crushes! Bloggers that I’m just like, damn girl you are NAILING this. It’s a fine line between feeling jealous and feeling inspired, but lifting others up never does you any harm does it?
    Fab post!
    lily kate x

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