TreatBox July: A Review

I first came across the TreatBox when I was looking for a subscription box that was a little bit different to the normal ones you see floating across the internet. I’m not a massive beauty fan and I really shouldn’t eat any more sweets or cookies that come in the food boxes, so this cute nostalgic, lifestyle box ticked all the boxes (pun intended) for me.

Each month you are surprised with a grown up, sophisticated version of those best loved lucky dips you got as a child. With a wild range of different lifestyle gifts making its way to you in a beautiful packaged box each month and they are carefully selected so that you won’t ever be disappointed!

You can also choose to create your own box on their site- in case you like to spoil the fun of a surprise- and their shop is incredible filled with girly quotes, little trinkets and dishes and ALL the home items you didn’t know you needed until now- I had a sneaky look through before my box arrived and picked out at least 10 items straight away that I would have LOVED to arrive, and which I am now going to purchase because I need them in my life.

When the Treat Box arrived- I was so excited- it had a gorgeous watercolour bright sticker on the front, indicating a little sneak peak as to what was inside, as well as a gorgeous scent of pineapple and coconut. A truly summer inspired box indeed.

Treatbox 7 Treatbox 1

Of course it was the pina colada wax melt from the Simple Candle co that made this box smell like the scent of my dreams (I am a major coconut and pineapple fan!)- I unfortunately don’t own a wax melt, so haven’t been able to use this yet, apart from just sniff the packaging every now and again, but can imagine how amazing this would smell if used properly.

The next item that I saw in the box was this gorgeous ‘You are braver than you know’ heart plaque, which hit all the feels. I was going through all my health problems and my operation at the time of receiving the box and it just gave me that extra little boost I needed to realise that everything is okay, and I am stronger for getting through it. I love how subtle the design on this is, its simple yet effective and has gone straight onto my feature wall.

Along with the two quote prints found inside the box. One A4 and one A6- ‘Oh the places your’ll go’ and ‘Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons’. I’m one of those total basic (but loveable) girls that love to have inspirational quotes everywhere and anywhere- to just lift that grumpy mood and keep the spirits highs and of course you can never have too many so these were a welcomed addition!!

Treatbox 5 Treatbox 2

Sticking on the quote theme- the gorgeous burlap inspired ‘and so the adventure begins darling’ makeup pouch is something that I fell in love with as soon as I saw it. It’s a decent size to carry a fair amount of makeup or other goodies in on holiday, or just to work. And doesn’t have any added weight behind it- which is the perfect combo. This is already in my handbag filled with all my face.

The two last goodies in the July box were the pineapple wish on a string, and “one in a melon” button pin. I love the cuteness in the pineapple bracelet. With the idea being, that you make a wish upon it- tie it on your wrist, and when the string snaps the wish can come true- although I would love my wish to come true, i’ll be sad when it does break because pineapples are life. (My nan even buys me one for my birthday each year because I love them that much haha) and I love how cute and adorable the pin is, and I stuck that straight on my makeup bag because yano I could.

The box also included this oh so instagramable HOORAY sign- and because it was their birthday they included a separate little goodie bag, with some love hearts, some bubbles and a little bag of confetti that read ‘throw kindness around like confetti’.

Treatbox 4 Treatbox 3 Treatbox 6

This is probably one of the first boxes I have ever received where I genuinely love all the items inside, and would actually purchase and use- and at the cheap price of only £12.95 this box is a massive 10/10 for me. Every item is gorgeous, and so darn adorable. The perfect lifestyle box for cutsey product lovers and bloggers alike.

Would you order a Treat Box?

*Disclaimer: I was gifted the July TreatBox in exchange for a review. This being said, all thoughts, photographs and opinions are my own, unless stated otherwise.

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