What happened when I tried to follow an Instagram theme.

Instagram themes- whether you love them or hate them, they are a thing. Don’t ask me why. But they are and they can look sassy AF when they are done right but are they 100% worth it?

I’m a bit unsure tbh- I love other peoples. Like I’ll scroll through someone’s pristine white colour scheme theme or someone’s perfectly organised grid and think how much I love this, then look at my own with its miss-matched and pretty much non-existent colour theme and think, hmm maybe I could improve my following if I had a more consistent theme going on. Rather than just uploading what I want, when I want. But then I get a bit antsy like, but why should I be restricted on what I can upload? Is perfection worth it over the ideal of creative flair and personality?

But one day as I was taking my daily scroll through the IG world, I started finding myself wondering down the path of some big and beautiful people on the internet, where their feed was as glossy as a magazine and thought I need this.

My IG wasn’t exactly that bad- I had around 4k followers and gain around 100/200 likes per picture. I used to opt for bright, colourful pictures from all aspects of my life- but didn’t follow any kind of ‘proper’ theme or schedule- and then I ended up on YouTube searching how to create an IG feed that could slay. I mean if they could do it and hit the tens of thousands of followers so could I, right?


Turns out there are hundreds of videos on how to create a perfect feed for Instagram, how to edit your pictures, how and when to schedule and what you can and can’t upload depending on your theme. I was honestly shocked that there was so many different rules and regulations on something as fun and simple as Instagram.

I watched a few videos and ultimately it was decided I needed some decent editing apps rather than just sticking to my original editing process of all the highlights and saturation on IG itself. So VSCO, Facetune and Afterlight, and about £2.40 later I was playing around with a few of the apps and decided upon a theme.

I didn’t want to go for a colour scheme, because nothing in my life is that coordinated.

The biggest rule for creating a colour scheme feed was ultimately ‘Take photos with this colour in’.. and that seemed too restricted for me. Plus my editing skills are pretty shocking to be able to manipulate it to look like it is supposed to be that colour when it isn’t I seriously watched a girl change the colour of an entire table to white on her editing so it fit in her theme. Who has that time- even if her feed is goals and on point and all that shit.

So I decided to take my current bright theme and go for a little bit more of a lighter, more faded style. T1 on VSCO with +2 Contrast -2 Exposure to be exact, with the faded slider half way up on Instagram itself. I had a few pictures in my back books to be uploaded when I had nothing else to upload and edited them to the way I liked, and it looked sassy. It was understated, it was different to my normal style- and it was a winner for me.


So its now been about 2 weeks in using this style- and I now hate it.

Not every photo I want to use works in this way- and I now feel restricted again. I obviously didn’t think hard enough about my theme and I wasn’t ready to give up my selfies- and selfies in a faded theme look more washed out than slayin’.

But what happened to my followers and likes?

They decreased. Now the photos I’m uploading I still love. I wouldn’t upload something that I didn’t like. But I guess people didn’t like seeing this type of theme- where the personality is pushed into one box. I’m not sure if its my style they hated or the fact that i was no longer being the person they loved and followed in the beginning. But I 100% can say- for me. Themes DO NOT WORK.

I hate being restricted. I hate having to think far too much into my photos and not being able to share a piece of my life with people and my followers on IG just because it ‘doesn’t fit’

Instagram for me. Is the best social media platform to really share slices of your life- and show who you want to be. The edited, the polished and clean finished images- Snapchat can stick to the faded, real nitty gritty style.

This being said I probably wont rule out themes all together- but I need to get better at them. For now- I’ll stick to keeping my Instagram mine- not some magazine version of my life that I can’t even upload too.

Do you like IG themes? I would love to know your thoughts.

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  1. Cristina

    I don’t have a theme. Actually I think I do: I post randomly based on how I feel. I like to edit my photos with high contrast and sometimes strong shadows. But I don’t follow any specific theme. I think my account will turn out rather dull than fab if I would post based on a theme.
    Thank you for sharing your experience!

  2. Sandra

    I feel just the same: I want to post things I loved at the time, or I felt inspired by, and because I love a lot of different stuff, I simply can’t stick to a theme…
    P.S. I like your bright, colourful pics better anyways 😉
    xx Sandra | Cake + Whisky

  3. Jennie

    I’m like you, I see others Instagram and think I should stick to a theme as well but I’ve quickly realised that my theme is being me! I’m glad you came to the same conclusion too 🙂 x

  4. Sophie

    Can relate so much to this – i have never felt more restricted on IG and often delete photos straight after posting, because they don’t look “quite right” – what happens is that i post less, so actually lose followers! But more than that, i lost the enjoyment i once had for it, so i’m definitely going to relax a bit 😛
    Bumble and Be

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