The Happy Egg co Farm #VIB’s Visit.

A few weeks ago I was invited to head out to the Happy Egg co farm to chill with their hens, learn all about what makes them happy, and the journey a Happy Egg goes through from the farm to our plates and into our mouths- and finished with some incredible egg-inspired courses by the amazing people over at Jackson & Rye and any event where I get to run around a farm all day, play with animals and get to eat free food and I am there- even if it did mean waking up at 5.30am.

You can check out the video from the day here.

I met fellow blogger and cake lover Britt at London, and we headed into Tring together practising our egg puns, and we were egg-cellent at them- if I do say so myself.

gdn Happy Egg Co 8

We were a little bit late at arriving compared to the rest of the bloggers, but jumped straight into our suits and wellies and headed up into one of the many giant fields which was surrounded by hens and bloggers alike.

I have never been more excited in my entire life- and I even managed to have a cuddle from one of the girls-and that will go down as my top moment of 2016.

hen cuddle Happy Egg Co 13 Happy Egg Co 11


Farmer JP kindly showed us around the fields and houses where we learnt all the facts and tips and tricks that comes with creating an animal friendly, happy farm. We are now complete egg-sperts in the field of raising Happy hens!!

We even got a chance to package the eggs ourselves, although its not as easy as it looks haha!!

Happy Egg Co 12 Happy Egg Co 10 Happy Egg Co 9

After a fun day of wandering around the fields we were treated to a 4 course egg-inspired meal- that could make any belly happy.

It started with smoked deviled eggs- which I may or may not have inhaled around 4 off. With zero regrets. (I also seem to have no photos of them, must have been too busy shoving them in my face HAHA)

Closely followed by avocado, poached egg and truffle hollandaise which is by far the sassiest take on this classic I have ever tried before- they cracked the nail on the head with this dish.

Happy Egg Co 6 Happy Egg Co 5

Main course consisted off a twist on the eggs floratine with chorizo, fresh tomato and crisp taco shells, and I have been told that this is one of Jackson & Rye’s classic dishes and I can see why it is so popular. I need it in and around my mouth right now.

Happy Egg Co 3 Happy Egg Co 4

But the dish that stole the show for me had to be dessert (as always) which was this fresh and gooey pecan pie with maple syrup rippled crème fraiche and holy hen- this was insanely good. It was warming, it was comforting and it stuck in all the right places around your mouth, cut through with the soft and sticky cream.


Happy Egg Co 2 Happy Egg Co 1

I had such an incredible day wondering around the farm and learning all about these #VIB’s (Very important Birds) and I kinda want to become a hen farmer now.

amanda BOOTES
happy hens.





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