Unicorn Ice-cream with Ideal World #Wishyouwerehere

Unicorn Ice-cream with Ideal World #Wishyouwerehere

The brilliant guys over at Ideal World (which you can find on Sky 654, Freeview 22, Virgin 747, Freesat 812 or at their website which can be found here) have challenged me to come up with the perfect bank holiday recipe. We love our bank holidays here in the UK- they are a chance to forget about work for a little while, to get out in the sunshine (fingers crossed) and spend some well deserved time with the family.

The Ideal World know how important bank holidays are and want to make them that little bit extra special, so they are running a #Wishyouwerehere event over on their twitter so that you too can join the fun with Ideal World by offering free P&P on all orders between Thursday the 25th August from 12pm to Monday 29th August until 9pm. They will also be running lots of fun competitions throughout the weekend with some fabulous prizes.

Unicorn Ice-cream 5 Unicorn Ice-cream 4

I had a sneaky peak on their website at their kitchen gadgets of course, and spied so many things that I need in my life- because a food blogger can never have too many right? And with the recipe I created I need to treat myself somehow as I’m 100% sure that I have created the most simple but most effective Summer bank holiday recipe known to man. Something that is cute, fun and super tasty for kids and adults alike- and I also give you a hack in how you can make it EVEN easier, if- like me- you would rather spend your bank holiday outside in the sunshine rather than in the kitchen!!

The guys over at Ideal World sent me a goodie bag full of fun and cute things in order to create the perfect bank holiday weekend, and inside were these adorable-y cute old fashioned ice-cream tubs and spoons and I knew, I just knew I had to create my Unicorn Ice-cream as there is never a better time for ice-cream than on a bank holiday.

And like I said in-case you don’t want to create Ice-cream yourself (which can be made by mixing double cream, and condensed milk together) you can do this the cheats way, like I did- but SHH we won’t tell anyone.

Unicorn Ice-cream 9 Unicorn Ice-cream 8 Unicorn Ice-cream 7 Unicorn Ice-cream 6

I brought 3 tubs of cheap vanilla ice-cream and mixed them with a spoon until they were soft and pliable- split the icecream into separate containers then added in my food colours and mixed together. I then added dollaps of each colour into a dish and swirled together with the tip of a knife- Topped with sprinkles and placed into the freezer for 3/4 hours and served. I even finished them off with little bits of stick of rock to give it that ultimate summer bank holiday goodness!!

Unfortunately I tried to photograph these in the middle of the day and they melted quicker than I could snap some pictures so bear with the melted pictures- or I could just say that I did that for the Summer affect right?

But they still tasted amazing, looked oh so adorable and would have been super instagramable if I didn’t allow them to melt completely haha. But this is such a fun and clever recipe that is SO easy to do. You can even get kids to help you mix the food colourings in the ice-cream for a fun bank holiday task to do together.

I would love to see your pictures of your own unicorn ice-cream so make sure you are tagging me @amandabootes (on IG and twitter) in your pictures!

Unicorn Ice-cream 3 Unicorn Ice-cream 2

AND make sure you are taking full advantage of the #IdealWorld #Wishyouwerehere event for free P&P on EVERYTHING- you could even get an ice-cream cone waffle machine to make them that little bit extra fancy!!

*Disclaimer: This post is NOT paid for or sponsored by Ideal world- they only sent me a bag of goodies to take part in this post and to enjoy my bank holiday weekend. All photos, recipes, opinions and thoughts are my own- unless stated otherwise.

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