New Beauty Favourites: The Summer Edition.

Can I call this a Summer Edition? I’m pretty sure that we are only JUST entering Summer and when I found these products it was actually Winter because I am pretty sure that it rained on every day I brought a new product. But alas I actually have some new favourites that I just need to share with you, because that’s what we bloggers do!!

There is only a few here, but I haven’t actually loved THAT much this month- so I am going to make this my August favourites post and just kill two birds with one stone!! Can we believe that August is nearly over- where is 2016 going? I’m still yet to save money, loose weight and eat healthy. Like sorry resolutions- I have failed you.

My first favourite is coming at you all the way from Australia-
Dusty girls is created and farmed by MooGoo (which btw is my all time favourite company name) who have designed a range of products perfect for people with sensitive skin or allergies. Their entire range is completely natural, healthy and vegan-friendly. So it not only looks good, but is good for your body. They create all their products using natural clays and minerals that are found within the earth with a few added extras that are all natural to create a range of makeup that gives you the coverage and resiliency that you require. Plus their motto and number one beauty tip is to make sure you are always smiling. So this feel-good, natural company automatically become one to watch out for. And their range of lip-glosses and lip-shines definitely made me smile.

The two lip-glosses (which can be seen in the featured image above!) I have are Sun Shower- which is a clear gloss that not only hydrates and softens the lips but also adds this gorgeous healthy, yet subtle warmth glow. Along with that I also have the Pacific Ocean Shimmer which I have worn pretty much every day since getting. This shimmer is a more neutral and cool tone over the Sun Shower one, but still has that clear subtle  glow and moisturising goodness.

The Lip-shine that I have is the Argyle Pink and comes in the same adorable packaging as the glosses but in a smaller version. The shade looks very pigmented and strong but when you apply it comes out as a very subtle and faded colour to the one that is on the stick, but is easily buildable and comes with that gloss and shimmer that is found within the glosses, but this is in more of a stain over a gloss.

New Makeup Faves 2 New Makeup Faves 3

The lip-shine is $15.50 and the glosses are $14.50 each.

The next fave is a hair product:
Bardou is a company that specialise in luxury haircare and cosemtics and recently sent me over their Dry Shampoo and Finishing Hair mist to try and I fell in love with not only their packaging (its black and rose gold?!) but also the scent and quality of their products.

Their dry shampoo literally does what it is supposed too, and smells fantastic- it’s not too powdery and blends into the hair easily and lasts all day- the same as their hair spray, it lasts all day without being sticky or tacky and brushes out when you need it too.

Never would I thought that I would love a dry shampoo and a hair spray as much as I do, I’m not usually fussy with my products but these have shown me that sometimes quality is worth the money. They give my hair the instant results that I need and last all day.

New Beauty Faves 3 New Beauty Faves 1 New Beauty Faves 2

The dry shampoo is £12 and the Finishing Mist is £10.

Moving on to the YouTuber faves:
I haven’t been a fan of Fleur de Force for too long, I’m pretty late to the YT party with this one- but blogging pal Charlie had been banging on about her products for so long, when I was doing a Feel Unique order a few weeks back a few of her products just ended up into my basket and I am in awe at the quality of them. (I also purchased Tanya Burr’s Puppy Paws matte lip which I HATE.) But Fleur’s products- especially the gorgeous quad that comprises of 4 gorgeous browns and neutral colours to perfect that smokey eye- with a gold on top. The powders are very loose but also really pigmented and very easy to blend and has become my go-to grab for eye makeup since buying- and is also on sale with 70% off on Feel Unique RN. I’m super tempted to purchase another for when mine runs out!!

New Beauty Faves 6 New Beauty Faves 5 New Beauty Faves 4

I also purchased the lip gloss in Seeing stars which is selling for only £2.10 rather than £6.99 in the sale, and is a gorgeous coral colour, that lasts for hours and dries into a sassy little shine that doesn’t dry the lips out.

The Samples:
While on feel unique I decided to take advantage of their Pic’n’mix range and grab some samples for £3.99 on some best loved and raved about products from bloggers all over the internet before purchasing myself and the two that I ADORE and will be buying full sizes off are the Emma Hardie cleansing balm- which is a super soft, super silky citrus scented balm that melts into the skin removing any grime and dirt. And the Decléour oxygenising and purifying mask which literally gave my skin the kiss of life. Injecting moisture and love back into my dull skin.

New Beauty Faves 9 New Beauty Faves 8 New Beauty Faves 7

What have you been loving beauty wise?

*Disclaimer: Some of these products were sent to me in exchange for a review. This being said, all thoughts, photographs and opinions are my own unless stated otherwise.

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  1. Zeynab
    August 31, 2016 / 10:33 am

    Fleur’s eyeshadow quad looks gorgeous. I haven’t really looked into it before, might have to check it out.

    The Beauty Load

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