Fitness Obsessions: The Trainer Edit.

I’m a trainer addict. I can’t help it. I literally had one pair of adidas shoes that were my go-to gals for about 6 years, and then all of a sudden I now have three pairs and 2 more on my wish-list for when payday comes around. How I can go from loving and adoring my adidas babies to suddenly having three pairs is beyond me.

I justified the second pair which are my undeniably beautiful Nike’s because I needed a more studio shock-absorbing shoe for training rather than a pair of running shoes- and we all know how super important it is to have the correct pair of shoes to our training to stop back, foot and knee pain so three pairs- is not ALLLL that bad right?! Especially when I swap up and change my workouts on the reg. (and the last pair was sent to me from a new company, so it’s not like I spent any money on them- major loll’s at me trying to make it a normal thing to have three pairs of trainers, but only one pair of feet).

But the obsession doesn’t just stop there, its getting pretty bad, when I’m in the gym or in the studio and I get complete shoe envy from the other gym bunnies- and before I know it I’m googling more shoes on my walk home. It’s getting pretty bad.

I know this seems like a pretty odd post to do, but I get messages all the time asking me about what shoes I wear and what benefits each of the companies have and so I thought that because I’m super nice (and it makes me justify it a little bit more by saying ITS FOR THE BLOG) I would share my three favourites (atm) trainers that I am loving and why.

The trusty Adidas:
Adidas will always be my go-to pair for comfort and support. They understand that in order to create a stable form you need to be light, supported and nimble on your feet. Which what makes this pair such an incredible pair for running. Like I said at the beginning of my post, I’ve had this pair for around 6 years and I run on the reg so they have had their work cut out for them and they are still as supportive as they were back when I was pounding the streets in my teens. The best thing for me about this pair of shoes is that they were created before all this memory foam, heeled nonsense was around- when a trainer was built with the sport in mind. Adidas know what it means to be an athlete or fitness enthusiast and have created their trainers with that in mind and for that reason will always be my number 1 girls for hard-core cardio.

Adidas 3 Adidas 2 Adidas 1

The beautiful Nike’s:
Shock-absorbed, light-weight, meshed front shoes in the most gorgeous bright blue colour- these are the perfect studio shoe. I mentioned briefly above that I wasn’t completely sold on the memory foam and these did take a while to get used too, and I’m still unable to get the best out of myself when I’m running in these shoes due to that bounce that mumma does not like. But it creates a perfect studio shoe. They are meshed across the top creating a lightweight feel across the toes which bends a lot easier than my sturdy adidas- amazing for quick foot work studio workouts and creating a stable stance for weight training. I would highly recommend theses for more workout base programmes rather than cardio due to their feel.

Nike 2 Nike 3 Nike

The hybrid- On Cloud:
I was sent these adorable shoes from a company called On Cloud which specialies in creating a bespoke high-end shoe that uses shock-absorded gravity technology on the outside of the sole rather than inside like my Nikes. And I was completely shocked at how light they were. They looked quite bulky due to the design of the sole and was a bit sceptical about them proving the benefits that they claimed too. But I took them for a work-out and was pleasantly surprised. They moulded to my foot pretty nicely- they had the mesh top and meshed around the side but wasn’t a bouncy as the Nike’s were, but were lighter than my adidas. The hybrid shoe. Perfect for low-impact cardio and static studio work such as weight training.

ON 3 ON 4 ON 1

What are your favourite trainers?

*Disclaimer: The On Cloud trainers were sent to me free of charge. This being said all thoughts, photographs and opinions are my own unless stated otherwise.

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