Get back your Olympic appetite with Campbell’s.

With the Olympic’s well and truly over (all the sad faces, BUT all the woo emojis for #TeamGB who absolutely smashed it) it’s super easy to go back into our old ways of eating pizza on the reg and only exercising when we are running to the loo after one too many cocktails or dancing on the tables. Now I’m not saying don’t do that- actually when you do, make sure you invite me!

But why not take the major inspo we got from the Olympics to reassess our own life and healthy eating goals to ones that are a little bit better for our bodies and our minds. Although we may never really become an Olympian because who has £468,000 (true figure- over a four year basis) to train as an Equestrian Olympian- which is the most expensive sport out of all the Olympic sports. And one that I 100% wouldn’t do, as I am terrified of Horses. I like to see myself as a gymnast even though I cant even do a forward roll in a straight line, but I could rock those sparkly leotards.

However there is something I can do- and that is eat and meal plan like an Olympian does- if food was an Olympic sport I would take gold every time- and something that we can all follow easily to create a healthier life all round- and so I have teamed up with Cambell’s meat to help you on your way!

In order to keep their bodies in tip-top shape, our Olympians need to ensure their diet is packed full of the necessary nutrients to keep them fuelled throughout the day- and this is the same for anybody trying to adapt a healthy diet.

Breakfast is always the most important meal of the day, but lunch and dinner are just as important to help refuel and re-build muscles and provide the body with energy. So you need to make sure that you are eating a balanced meal at every meal. Protein, Carbs and Fruits and Vegetables should be present in every meal to really give your body that help and nutrients it needs to survive and thrive during the day.

Jade Jones, a Taekwondo pro and Team GB Competitor says: “I like to have six different fruits with yoghurt for breakfast all mixed up, so that its giving me all my five a day already and I’ve only just had breakfast.”- Now if having all that fruit isn’t doing it for you- why not shove it all in a blender and create the ultimate fruit smoothie to get those bad boys in your body? Or take a snack pack on your daily commute full of seasonal fruits to break up the amount throughout the day?


Liam Phillips, Team GB’s 2016 BMX Qualifier swears by his slow releasing carbs such as quinoa. “When we go away to a race now, we take a rice cooker with us to cook rice and quinoa. Then we have chicken and things that we can eat at the track that we actually have control of so that we are making sure that our body is fuelled efficiently”. And this is also a tip that Fitness babe and You Tuber goddess Sarah Day adopts. She is always seen carrying around lean meat or chicken pieces to snack on during the day for that well needed carb boost rather than snack bars with hundreds of different ingredients in. Choosing healthy, natural and understated snacks such as chicken allows you to really understand and control what you are putting in your body.

Why not create a Mediterranean veggie and chicken quinoa bowl to satisfy those cravings? Mix up roasted vegetables and chicken with cooked quinoa and spices to create a lunch that is perfect for on to go that tastes good and is good for you! (I will be doing a full recipe of this soon- so keep your eyes peeled!).


After a long day of working out- or just general working, our dinners need to be more protein based rather than carbs- which may just shock you a little bit. Our body needs the nutrients in order to rebuild the body without so much energy being needed which is why our lunch can be a bit more on the heavier carbside!

Olympic gymnast Daniel Purvis had this to say. “I often will have the same meal over and over on the lead up to events. I will have meat, whether it’s beef, chicken or gammon with potatoes and veg for dinner.” This simple combo doesn’t have to be boring, make sure you are creating a difference with your simple ingredients. Spice things up, add herbs, or maybe some citrus feels to your meat to change the flavour and create a different dish. Boil, mash or roast your potatoes and have steamed or roasted veggies for that little bit different to the norm. Just because you are having simple foods doesn’t mean you have to skimp out on flavour and fun.



Olympic athletes swear by having simple meals because they can control what goes into their body- they buy the best quality meat to ensure there are no nasties inside then they build their meals with carbs and veggies and fruits to give their body all the love it needs and deserves- and you too can do that.

Even more so with the help from Cambell’s They have created an Olympian meat pack to give you all you need to eat like an Olympians at a special price!! Because buying all this meat protein can get expensive! So buy adding the voucher code AWINGOLD29 you can get 50% off their Gold Steak Pack which includes 12 steaks of various cuts and weights, pork loin, chicken, turkey and salmon fillets and burgers and sausages too!!  the code makes the pack only £29!! With free UK Mainland delivery- definitely a GOLD standard award right there.

AND if that’s not enough for you- You can find even more money off Campbells meat with

*Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Cambell’s meat- although the photographs are with credit to them, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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could you eat like an Olympian.








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  1. September 8, 2016 / 4:13 pm

    I made the mistake of reading this post before dinner and my mouth is watering! I’m totally addicted to my morning smoothies – and normally put some greens in too so they’re not just fruit. I like knowing I’ve got my 5 a day sorted in case the rest of the day veers off course 😉

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