Afternoon Tea at The Spa Hotel: Tunbridge Wells

Afternoon Tea at The Spa Hotel: Tunbridge Wells

I absoultley love the Spa Hotel in Tunbridge Wells you can see my first review of this undeniably beautiful location here. So when it came to choosing somewhere to take my Nanny out for afternoon tea, this one was quickly thought about, rang and organised within minutes- and what was even better was that they do a gluten free option.

Since having my gallbladder out, my body has decided to reject gluten, all the sad faces in the world, but luckily this didn’t mean that I had to miss out, and I already knew what kind of quality to expect, and once again they met and went above and beyond them. From the location, the staff, the attentiveness all the way through to the food and service, everything was as amazing as you could ask for- now I know that sounds a bit cliché but I really loved my time here once again, and I have already recommended them to all my friends and family, and now you!

And how could you not love an afternoon filled with mini sandwiches, freshly squeezed pineapple juice (sorry not a tea lover #worstbritishpersonever) and tiny little chocolate and fruit cakes?

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Firstly can we just mention how gorgeous the venue is? I have already decided that I am getting married here, I don’t even care that I’m single- this is my wedding venue haha. I’ve kind of lost the reason I was writing this post, ah yes, cake.

The afternoon tea’s are served in the conservatory, a lighter, more summery feel to their normal restaurant, and luckily we were the only ones here which meant it was nice and quiet and made it the perfect setting for a nice relaxing afternoon with my two favourite ladies. And with light pouring in from the floor to ceiling windows overlooking the beautiful grounds, we were definitely in for a treat. We were seated, and served quickly and from the very friendly and attentive staff, who brought us our gorgeous afternoon tea selections and teas and juices.

the-spa-1 the-spa-3 the-spa-13

My Nan and Mum both had their normal classic afternoon tea, and I had the gluten free alternative- although I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t have even known it was gluten free, it tasted just as amazing and incredible as you would expect the normal ones to taste.

Our little sandwiches were light and fluffy, packed full of different flavourings. All tasty and all very moreish. Cream Cheese and Cucumber, Egg Mayonnaise and Ham and Mustard. Sometimes classic is the way you need to go, why fix something that isn’t broken? And I know for one, that my Nan was happy with the classic normal choices, rather than some of these fancy, unique ones you get in other restaurants.

The normal afternoon tea came with two different scones each, one normal, one fruit- whereas mine came with just one giant one. I wasn’t complaining though- still slightly warm, the crumbly scone was the perfect second course, lovingly topped with fresh clotted cream and homemade jam. I happily scoffed the lot- but it still sparks the question now.. What comes first, the cream or the jam? I actually ran a poll on my twitter and out of 140 people it was 53% to Jam first!! The closest poll I have ever done haha- and I’m still not too sure, I just put whatever is closet to me on first. forever classy.

the-spa-9 the-spa-7 the-spa-8 the-spa-6

The last (and my favourite) part was of course the cakes. Because what is an afternoon tea, without cake?!!

And we had lots to choose from, from a slightly sweet, slightly creamy vanilla posset topped with berries, a set bitter lemon panna cotta (on top of a shortbread biscuit for the normal afternoon tea) topped with a blackberry, Melt in the middle chocolate cakes topped with a burnt-chocolate tuile- the GF ones were made from ground almonds and had an almost Macaron texture, paired with that slightly bitter burnt chocolate tuile just created this ‘get in my mouth’ feeling- and became my favourite item from the entire afternoon- and luckily I had 2 of them!! The non-gluten free tea’s also had a lemon éclair which looked amazing and I am so upset I couldn’t have one- damn my gluten resisting body.

the-spa-4 the-spa-11 the-spa-12

I am 100% impressed with the overall experience, the food once again was at an incredible standard, even from a gluten free perspective and the Spa Hotel has stayed firmly at the top of my top places in Kent. So if you are ever in the area, make sure you pop by for an afternoon treat your mouth will thank you for.

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