Fitness Obsessions: The Ellesse Edition.

Since getting back into my fitness after slacking for two months (partly to blame on the operation, partly to blame because im a lazy sloth who likes sleep too much), I decided the best way to get back into it and to really relight my excitement and motivation was to invest in some new sports wear. So then I feel guilty if it just sits there and isn’t being used.

It sits and screams at me. Put me on. Put me on. I wanna go play.

And so up Amanda gets, and off she goes.

Its how it works, it’s a proven fact and its a brilliant one for all you bunnies lacking the motivation and the get up and go you wish you had.

And in order to really get myself excited I needed something a little bit special to really kick start my journey again- and that’s where my love and fascination for Ellesse comes in.

P.S Ignore the major bruise on my shoulder- sports related injury because I’m clumsy AF.

jd-ellesse-7 jd-ellesse-6 jd-ellesse-5

I hadn’t actually worn Ellesse before, so when I was sent this gorgeous grey and black set from JD Sports, I was super excited to give it a go, and see if it lived up to its expectations. So of course I had to put it on then and there, and give it a proper work-out to test its durability, comfort and fit- and it is exactly what you would want from a sports kit. The tights hug your body in the right way without being too tight, and they were a longer length, which suits me perfectly. I’m not the tallest but at 5’5 some of the tights and yoga pants do come up a bit short and that can be a bit of a hassle during a workout- especially a high intensity one. But these ones wore well, without over stretching and fading during the workout.. The sports bra which is a standard fit supports the girls perfectly from any additional jiggling, and they passed the star-jump test no problem.

jd-ellesse-4 jd-ellesse-3

The top for me, with the under bandeau I loved the look off when it first arrived and would be a perfect yoga tee, but I felt that it gathered a little bit too much around the lower abdomen due to the gaping sleeve cut. So for a HIIT session wasn’t the ideal tee for me- but for something more low-compact it would be the perfect style due to its flexibility allowance.

Overall I loved the Ellesse set- they are made from the perfect lightweight and durable material and also wash very well! Some of the cheaper style can start to bobble and fade very quickly- but this has kept its shape, its tightness and colour as if it was new. They also were able to keep up with my HIIT workout- even more than I could haha.

jd-ellesse2 jd-ellesse-1

*Disclaimer: I was sent the Ellesse Set from JD Sports for free in exchange for a review. This being said, all thoughts, photographs and opinions are mine unless stated otherwise.

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get your ‘JD’ sports on.

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