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We all remember the days, where one spritz of So…? fragrance would complete our school girl uniforms and give us that sass we needed to completely slay double maths, homework and boys. But what happens when you grow up, and you still that extra splash of sass in order to be able to slay all-afternoon meetings, reports, lack of naps and men?

Well lucky for you (and me included) So…? the worldwide popular fragrance brand is now all grown up and has just launched their brand new range of fresh, simple and easy-to-wear body mists that not only smell incredible, but last all day and just leave you ready to slay the day. Their new fragrances come in 6 new scents ranging from crisp and deliciously fruity all the way through to musky and floral.

Now I’ve teamed up with So…? to bring you a first look at these brand new products that will soon become your BFF and go-to-gal’s when you need a lift of scent to give you that boost of attitude that you may need- day or night.

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My first impressions of these bad boys was obviously the packaging. I love how lightweight the bottles are, which means less arm/shoulder ache and more scent-happy moments as you are able to just pop one of their bottles in your bag and get on with your day. Each bottle is 100ml and comes complete with their relevant pattern which you can see through the back of the bottle, which adds just a little bit more elegance and fun to a standard plastic spray bottle.

The body mists come in 6 fragrances: Floriental, Fruity, Vanilla Milkshake, Watermelon, Fresh Musk and White Petals.

Now if you follow me on Twitter you would know that So…? Vanilla Milkshake has become my all time favourite thing to pick up, spritz and go, because who wouldn’t want to smell like a vanilla milkshake?! Although this one, in true So…? fashion is extra special. The main ingredient: Vanilla is paired with a combination of peach, plum and a regal head of rose to give you a complete scent that is slightly sweet, but still focusing on the vanilla notes. It’s a simple, sophisticated and special scent. Perfect for date night.

The So…? Watermelon scent was one that surprised me the most. I’m very hit and miss with watermelon- like I hate the fruit, but love those fizzy watermelon sweets. But with a sparkling blend of red berries and apple blossom along side the back note of watermelon this fragrance just creates a super sweet, super light summer fragrance. This is achieved by combining the main ingredients along with apricot, honeysuckle and sugar candy to make this a simple everyday wear body mist.

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Staying on the fruity vibe, its only right that we mention the So…? Fruity fragrance itself, which compromises of a more heavy, autumnal based scent. What it lacks in summer sugar, it makes up for in fruitiness. A blend of juicy mandarin is followed by a heavier combination of peach and lily of the valley and is finished with a creamy cedar wood to make this the perfect from day to night spray.

The So…? Floriental fragrance is one that I would happily wear all day, every day. Its the perfect concoction of fruity and floral notes that makes this one a simple spray with a touch of class and elegance, for those special nights out or for days when you really want to slay the world. Created with a base of sweet and creamy caramel and amber, its melted together with freesia, violets, pear, apples and mandarins to really awaken your sense and immerse you in its gorgeous and lingering aroma.

Sticking to the floral scent we have the gentle, delicate So…? White Petals. This very subtle, very simple mist is created with notes of bergamot, followed by a floral heart of freesia and water lily which is paired with a refreshingly light base of white musk and cedar wood. This mist is the ultimate spritz for the lazy simple ‘no-effort’ days.

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The last mist from So…? is the Fresh Musk scent. Which is incredibly easy to wear for day to day, or even for a night out with the girls. Fresh Musk is the perfect balance between fruity notes from the mandarin and the peach to the musky blend of jasmine, lily of the valley and cedar wood before being finished off with a sophisticated dose of vanilla. Making this one another one of my faves.

Each body mist from So…? has completely made me fall in love all over again, they are all the perfect balance of sweet, floral or musky notes to create an entire range that is simple, easy to wear and smells insane. So now the question is.. what one is going to be your favourite?

The So…? Body Mists (100ml) are £3.99 each and will be exclusively available in Superdrug stores from the 26th September 2016.

*Disclaimer: Although this post is sponsored by So…? all thoughts, photographs and opinions are my own unless stated otherwise.

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