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On the 24th and 25th September 2016 I took part in the Shine Night Marathon raising money for Cancer Research, and thanks to all you amazing people. I managed to raise just over £200 for Ovarian Cancer- and along with the hundreds upon thousands of people taking part we raised just over 4.5million for the charity!! You can read all about why I chose Ovarian Cancer and what it meant to be to be able to do the walk here.

Now a few days later,  and some very sore feet, knees and legs I am still packed full of adrenaline in being able to say that I completed the 26.2 miles in just under 9 hours and with some absolutely incredible people by my side.


Our team was created by Action PR and included various different fitness writers, journalists and bloggers geared up with SOLE products to ensure that our feet were comfy and supported all the way around. I am so thankful to have such an incredible team supporting me as we walked around the streets of London at Night-Time and even more so when we hit some rain as we went into the final 3 miles. Without these lovely ladies, to talk to, laugh with and moan about our aches and pains the entire journey it would have been 10x harder, and a whole lot less fun. We played games, shared secrets, spoke about work, love and life, and indulged on jelly babies and chocolate biscuits and made the 9 hours of walking that little bit more bearable.

In order to prepare myself for the walk, I had to ensure that I had the correct fitness gear and products to keep me going- having the right products for something like this is super important to keep you supported, comfortable and dry!

I wore my trusty New Look tights, which are the perfect amount of fabric to give me durability and support for a long intense workout- as well as being able to breathe and dry quickly through sweat and rain!! Under my cancer research tee- I had on a long sleeved running tee from Renegade Box. This lightweight fabric layered me up in case it got chilly during the night- which it actually didn’t get too bad, thankfully!! On my feet I had my ON Cloud trainers- read all about why I love them here.. with SOLE insoles to really give my feet some love as they pounded the pavement, over and over, and over, and over!!

shine-night shine-night-2

I did bring a lightweight rain coat with me, but it stayed in my bag the entire time- but you never know what the British weather is going to be like!!

Also in my backpack was lots of high energy, high protein, easy to eat snacks to boost my bodies energy, endurance and performance. To peak those sugar levels and to keep me going. This included- Jelly Babies (Of course!!) Protein Nuts and Honey-Comb Mix, Nakd bars and some dried apple. Every 4/5 miles there was a pit-stop that included free water, snacks and toilets. So I actually only ended up eating the Jelly Babies and had 3 protein Nature Valley bars from the pit-stops instead. But the nuts and apple pieces were a welcomed treat on my way home at 9am the next day!!

I also carried a bottle of Pure Active pre-exercise berry powder already diluted to really ensure that my body was powered and ready to go. The specially formulated powder for women, prides itself on giving you the energy and endurance you need without ever peaking or crashing- and it did just that. Instead of drinking the entire bottle before we set off (and risk needing the toilet before we even hit the first mile) I slowly drank the contents around the first half of the marathon. Although this meant that I wasn’t getting the FULL hit of the powder, it also meant that I was slowly releasing the formula into my body and allowing it to have a slower impact on my system. This was a welcomed effect. Due to the speed we were walking, endurance rather than power was more beneficial to me. The drink allowed me to keep my energy (and spirits) up. Keep me from feeling tired and made the first 13 miles feel like a doodle. My energy never peaked until hitting mile 17- a good 1.5 hours after finishing the bottle, and I now 100% regret not bringing more with me.

This was a new product for me, so I wasn’t sure on how it would benefit my body, and it did in more ways than I could have expected and will now 100% become a new favourite for me, for training in the future, so if you struggle to keep your body and motivational energy levels at a high, and get the most out of your work-outs I highly reccomend giving this bad boy a go. Plus the berry flavour tastes like juice- rather than these powdery formulas you see in other products.

Also in my little backpack were the essentials for not only the marathon, but for travelling to and from the event in London. my purse, my keys, my iPod, my charger and portable charger. Plasters, painkillers, lipbalm and my glasses. Extra pair of socks, mouthwash and body spray.

shine-night-4 shine-night-3

Thankfully I didn’t need to use any of the plasters but the painkillers were definitely used. So if you are thinking of doing something similiar make sure you pack everything you think you are going to need, to ensure no mishaps and discomfort.

I am still so amazed that I managed to do the entire walk without dying or collapsing, and even though I ache in every ounce of my body, I cant wait to sign up for next years, and who knows. Maybe I’ll upgrade and do the run one instead!!

Another HUGE thanks for the wonderful gals over at Action PR for organising the team, and for being so sassy and incredible. SOLE for providing my poor feet with some loving products (and a sneaky little leg and foot massage half way through!), the incredible voulenters who kept the entire crowds spirits and enthusiasm levels high with their sunny personalities and support as we walked around, and for everyone who donated, sent me good luck wishes, congratulations, encourgament and support. I love you guys, just as much as I would love to go back to sleep right now.

*Disclaimer: Part of this post is sponsored. This being all thoughts, photographs and opinions are my own unless stated otherwise.

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