Holding onto the Summer with Cracker Juices.

With the sun setting around 6pm, the wind and the rain bringing out all the layers, and hot chocolate by the abundance. Summer definitely seems like a lifetime away, but that doesn’t mean I’m ready to give up on all things Summery. Including those sweet cocktails, on the beach, in the sunshine.

Luckily we don’t have to give them up just yet, but maybe just swap the shorts for some jeans and the sun for an episode of 90210 by the fire place- and hold onto those long summer memories with a sweet glass of Cracker Juices (with or without the alcohol).

Just because the sun has gone in, doesn’t mean we have to put away those summer flavours, and feelings. And with the beautiful tasting juices from Cracker drinks you can create those memories with zero effort or time. I’m such a major juice kinda gal. When you don’t like tea or coffee, you have to find something else to quench your thirst. Unfortunately most juices are packed full of added sugars, and perseverates and all kinds of nasties. Which is why I absolutely adore Cracker drinks, they only use the best and natural ingredients that are completely free of added sugars and artificial sweeteners. They pride themselves on creating quality, great tasting drinks for everyone, with best loved classics and unique and unusual flavours to please every palate.

cracker-1 cracker-3

The company was founded in 2005, and have spent all their time in creating juices that allows the pure taste of the fruit to speak for itself- and they have done just that. There isn’t a time that there isn’t a carton of their juice in my fridge. I’m currently working my way back through their selection, because I’m obsessed with all of their flavours.

With my favourite being the Pineapple, Coconut and Lime. Which is no surprise at all, if you know me. Pineapples and coconut are literally my life. Two of the best flavours come together with a squeeze of lime to create a mocktail of the best loved summer cocktail, pina colada in one smooth and light blend, with only 90 calories per glass.

This is followed closely by their classic Still cloudy lemonade, which reminds me of late summer afternoons with my Nanny playing pick up sticks and their sweet yet sharp Apple, Raspberry and Sloe which puts a different kind of spin on the norm.

cracker-5 cracker-4 cracker-2

And if you fancy getting a little bit more fruity, then adding in some vodka, rum or gin into their juices is a sure fire way of re-creating those Summer nights. Minus the tan lines and sand in unmentionable places.

*Disclaimer: Cracker Juices sent me some of their juices in exchange for a review. But all thoughts and opinions are my own unless stated otherwise. Photos c/ Cracker Juices.






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