Frighten-ly Healthy Halloween Treats: Fruity Edition

Frighten-ly Healthy Halloween Treats: Fruity Edition

Halloween is legit my favourite time of the year.

The crisp, cold, dark nights. The excuse to dress up, get scared and eat lots of sweets. What’s not to love?

Apart from the fact then when you get older, the amount of sugar in your diet becomes more scary than the pumpkins and ghosts wondering around. But Halloween doesn’t have to be all about the cakes, and sweets (although I wish it could be)- but can also be about super cute, but totally terrifying treats made out of fruit. Which means they are perfect for little kids, and even bigger ones alike. Perfect for anyone with special dietary or allergy requirements due to being made from natural ingredients (and very few at that!)

halloween-6 halloween-4 halloween-5 halloween-3

These little babies can be done in hardly any time at all- with even less effort- which means that you can get back to hiding under your duvet watching the latest horror flick.

Black Marker Pen.

Draw your best scary face on the OUTSIDE of an orange, to create a simple, yet effective Halloween treat. Why not get the little ones involved in this one, and see who can make the scariest of all orange faces.

BOO-nana Ghosts.
Black Icing

Peel and half a banana.
Then using a black icing (either in a piping bag with a very fine nozzle, or the ready to draw icing pens- draw on a ghostly face and leave for a few minutes to dry.

Eye-Ball Grapes.
White Chocolate Buttons
Black Icing

Cut grapes in half (feel free to peel them for an even more realistic look!) then place a small amount of white chocolate on top of each half- and finish with a dot of black icing!

Straw-Apple-Nut Monsters.
Peanut Butter
White Chocolate Buttons
Black Icing.

Cut your apple in half. Then cut each half into 3 pieces.
Carefully cut out a mouth from one of the pieces, making sure not to go completely through to the other side.
Spread some PB on the inside of the mouth, pop in a thin slice of strawberry for the tongue.
Add some white chocolate for the eyes, and dot with black icing!

halloween-1 halloween-2

4 quick and easy fruity treats to get your Halloween on with- with zero effort of time needed.


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