I’m not as strong as I look.

Do you ever get days where you just cant physically bring yourself to do anything.

You don’t want to listen to music. You don’t want to watch TV. Social media doesn’t interest you. The thought of eating makes you want to be sick. You just want to sit there, but even that makes you feel uneasy.

That is me right now.

In-fact how I am managing to write right now is completely beyond me.

Maybe deep down inside of me I am hoping that if I get all of these thoughts out of my head and down on paper, it will help.

It wont.

But it’s worth a try right?

What is it that makes us feel like this? This sudden urge to just deflate from life- to give in to the daily stresses of life. We let them chip away at us for days, weeks even years on end without a reaction, now all of a sudden we are done?

Stress has this incredible impact on the body and is constantly around us in different forms and strengths. Emotionally, physically, mentally. Sometimes a combination of all three, and more- because… Life.

Oh life.

Life has this amazing ability to be something wonderful, something magical- giving us these possibilities and opportunities to create our own goals, our own path and our own dreams. But it also has a way of bringing them down. Of throwing in obstacles and challenges. Of heartbreak, and sadness. Guilt. Anger. Envy.

And sometimes the latter is so powerful. By powering together all the different angles of stress in your life and just throwing them at you with such a force that you forget how to even human.

Impacting your physical and mental wellbeing well beyond your control.

It’s exhausting.

But do you fight? Or do you flee? To hide away. To run away. To block it out.

I wish I could say that it was that easy. I wish this post had some magical cure to dealing with the stresses in your life, but it doesn’t. Believe me if I did, I would bottle that shit up and post it through every letter box in the world, feed it to babies through their bottles so that they never have to experience the feeling of nothingness that stress leaves behind.

But it’s not stress that kills us, it’s our reaction to it that does.

Talk to your friends, your family, your pets, yourself.

Take a walk. Have a bath. Read a book. Light a candle. Drink some wine.

Do something for yourself, that makes you feel like yourself again.

Block out the world, hide away- but only for a little while.

Make a promise with yourself that you will find a way out. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and you will be stronger, be better, be more you- because of it. You will take that break, that well-deserved break because it benefits you. But you will come back fighting.

Your mind is as important to your life as your body is, but your brain is also an organ- which means that it too can get as sick as any other. It can get tired, it can feel the impact of stress- and this impact that stress has is as harmful to your brain as a broken bone is to your body. But broken bones can heal, and so can your mind, if you give it the right attention, right time and treatment it needs to repair itself.

Sitting in silence, means suffering alone. Speak up. Voice your concerns and lets battle this thing together.


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