The UK Blog Awards: Health and Fitness Mixer.

A few weeks ago I got to attend the UK Blog Awards: Health and Fitness mixer. Not only did I get to meet some sassy, fitspo girls and guys, I also got to drink my body weight in Prosecco, dress up as a superhero and eat healthy (YES HEALTHY) chocolate cheesecake. I’m still drooling at the thought of it. If I didn’t have some in the post to me, I would be on a train to London right now to raid Mr Prempys for all their cheesecakey goodness I could fit in my mouth.

The UK Blog Awards are now entering their fourth year and has quickly become the largest awards event for the UK Blogging Scene- with over 2,000 company and individual entries last year alone- with the #UKBA17 to be even bigger and better than ever before.

In order to keep up with the blogging trends, the UKBA has introduced two brand new categories. Parenting, and Sports and Fitness (which makes me do all the jazz hands emoji) and an overall ODEON Cinemas (Sponsors of the event) Blog of the Year Award.

And of course, they announced that the absolutely fabulous Chessie King will be hosting the awards next year. Who is ultimate goals.

amanda-bootes-and-lauren-hickey-of-action-pr-at-uk-blog-awards-health-fitness-mixer-event chessie-king-at-uk-blog-awards-health-fitness-mixer-event

But what are the UKBA and why should you be bothered?

The UKBA are not all about celebrating and appreciating your favourite big-time bloggers but also about celebrating and appreciating your own work, the smaller blogs and even the social influencers that make you LOL IRL, make you cry into your morning porridge and make you think about life all through their online presence.

This years theme is one of my all time favourites. Blog Heroes.

Who is your blog hero?

It’s not all about who has the most glamorous products in their life, or the most instagramable pet. But who has such an influence on their audience, who has such a passion for their work, and who really just goes above and beyond everyone else.

I have one or two people in my life- who are my blog heroes- and I have already nominated them into the UKBA17.

Who are yours?

How to enter:
Entrants are invited to enter their own blog or nominate a blog HERE by 15th November 2016.  Entries will be judged by a panel of experts in their field. Winners announced at a glitzy UK Blog Awards event on 21st April 2017.

*Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. I just believe that you should all spread the love for the blog heroes in your life, and the UKBA17 is the way forward.




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