Christmas Gift Guide 2016: Food and Drink Edition.

Christmas, wouldn’t be Christmas without over indulging in copious amounts of tasty food and drink now would it?

Although to be fair, I do that all year round, but at least I have an excuse come December- and who wouldn’t want a reason to eat more? Especially some of the tasty and exciting products I have found for you.

Now if like me, you have a massive foodie in your life (or you are the massive foodie), then you are going to love this post. As it’s packed to the brim full of tasty and exciting new products that are just screaming to be wrapped up and put under the tree ready for Christmas Day and to be loved and inhaled shortly after!

The Nutty One: Pip & Nut.
The perfect present for any Peanut Butter lover of Gym Bunny. Pip & Nut products are only filled with the most natural products with no added nasties and absolutely no palm oil. Just delicious, pure, wholesome nutty goodness. Which means they are tasty and good for you. Pip & Nut butters are packed full of protein- and with their easy to grab squeezy packs, you can have your PB and go- on your way home from the gym, on your lunch break or as a weekend snack. (and the perfect present to pop into any stocking!)

My Favourite: The Limited Edition Crunchy Maple Peanut Butter- lovingly drizzled over warm cinnamon porridge with sliced apples.

Grab them: Squeeze Packs (x15) for £12. 3 Jars for £10.

gift-guide-pb-7 gift-guide-pb-3 gift-guide-pb-4

The Spicy One: Gran Luchito.
These gorgeous jars from Gran Luchito are perfect for anyone that loves to pack a bit of heat into their cooking. They have created a range of products that has this intense smoky depth that just sets them apart from other products out there. Through their creative combination of pairing their sweet and warming smoked Mexican chillies with other ingredients they are able to create products that just add this instant smokey flavour into every meal. (P.S Keep an eye out for my Boxing Day Smokey Gammon Recipe coming soon using the Gran Luchito Smoked Honey!)

My Favourite: The Smoked Chilli Mayo- dolloped over sweet potato fries for that little kick.

Grab them: In a range of supermarkets for under £3 a jar.

gift-guide-chilli-4 gift-guide-chilli-1 gift-guide-chilli-2

The Crunchy One: Mighty Fine Honeycomb.
Treat your loved ones to the most grown up sexy version of a Crunchie bar there is. Mighty Fine Honeycomb has been a favourite of mine all year, so there was no way they weren’t being included. There is just something about the way they have managed to create something so sweet, with its golden centre and that oh so satisfying crunch- lovingly topped with only the best quality chocolate. And with flavours such as Salted Caramel and my all time favourite- Peanut Butter. There is something for everyone.

My Favourite: The Peanut Butter Dipped Pieces- broken up over ice-cream and dark chocolate sauce.

Grab them: A small bar for £1.89. Bags from £3.50 and Sharing Boxes for £7.50

gift-guide-honeycomb-3 gift-guide-honeycomb-2 gift-guide-honeycomb-1

The Sweet One: Smith & Sinclair.
Ever had a cocktail so nice, you wish you could eat it? Well now you can. Smith & Sinclair are professionals at creating unadulterated indulgent grown-up sweets. Their selection of Cocktail Pastilles are the perfect thing to pop into your stocking or to enjoy after dinner. With all your favourite tipples such as Vodka, Rum, Whiskey and Gin there is something for every taste. All their moreish pastilles hold a subtle kick at 5.4% or above ABV and should be lightly chewed and then allowed to dissolve in the mouth. Now the adults can have all the sweet fun.

My Favourite: The Long Island High Tea- enjoyed just as they are.

Grab them: A box of 6 for £9.99

gift-guide-sweets-3 gift-guide-sweets-2 gift-guide-sweets-1

The Personalised Cocktails: Etched
Not only are Etched Cocktails some of the best I have ever tried, they also can be fully personalised to give your gift that extra special feel. Their selection ranges from craft lager all the way through to funky, tasty and fruity cocktails and are created from only the best breweries, vineyards and distilleries from all over the UK. All you have to do is to choose your favourite, add your personalised label, pop it under the tree and go. Or why not use them as name place-settings at the Christmas table?

My Favourite: The Casso Raspberry Cosmo- enjoyed cold, straight from the jar.

Grab them: From £16 (for 2) upwards.

gift-guide-cocktails-1 gift-guide-cocktails-3 gift-guide-cocktails-2

The Funky Spirits: Espensen Spirit.
Crazy, fruity and unique flavours of alcohol are all the rage this year and are set to keep trending early 2017. So why not jump on board the train and try some unique flavours this Christmas. These little spirits make the perfect gift for someone that loves a little tipple, and even more so who loves something a little bit different. Espensen Spirit only use fresh ingredients and include Blueberry and Pump up the Jam Raspberry Gins and Pink Grapefruit and Raspberry and Rhubarb and Custard Vodka.

My Favourite: Rhubarb and Custard Vodka- on the rocks.

Grab them: From £4 upwards.

gift-guide-vodka-5 gift-guide-vodka-4 gift-guide-vodka-1

What will you be asking for Foodie Santa to pop in your stocking this year?

Keep your eyes peeled for the other posts in my Christmas Gift Guide Series coming soon.









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