Dear Diary: Am I too old for an internship?

Dear Diary: Am I too old for an internship?

Ever since I was a little girl I have always wanted to be a chef. I was even cooking the Christmas dinner for my family at 14. I decided I wanted to join the Navy and be a chef at sea- but failed my medical (surprise, surprise) so decided to go to catering college and be the biggest badass female chef there was, and give the guys a run for their money.

I left my catering college after 3 years training, 2 ‘Chef of the Year’ awards behind me and went straight to France to study pastry. After moving back into the UK I got a job as a head pastry chef in a boutique hotel but had to leave after 2 operations to my hand. I kept in the hospitality industry for a few more months but every-time I worked the standard 12+ hours in the kitchen, my hand would re-swell, and completely double in size.

Not wanting to leave the hospitality industry, as it was all I had ever known (and loved) I decided to go behind the scenes in the industry and pair my love for working events, to become an event planner. So off I went to UNI to study Hospitality and Event Management.

Now fast forward 2 years, I have now left UNI- and my blog kicked off so much I went freelance and have left my qualifications behind me.

But now I have found a love for organisation and event planning in a whole new way- through social media management and PR- but although I have my own experience from blogging for 2 years! My CV lacked a certain amount of employment under that name. But desperate to continue to find my love for the SM and PR world I decided to just apply for an internship to work my way up from the beginning.

But as soon as I pressed the send button on the application forms- I had this overwhelming sense of. ‘Oh god. Am I too old?’- ‘Will they think that I’m a failure and can’t get a proper job?’

I don’t know about you, but when I think of the word Internship- I think about a job for school leavers, or college goers to gain some knowledge alongside their education and a little bit of extra pocket money to pay for their weekend coffee’s and make-up splurges.

Not a 23 year old, with bundles of qualifications behind her and failed passions.

But oh man. Was I completely wrong.

I am absolutely loving my internship- more than some of my old jobs (combined!) I am getting to learn about a new company, expand my knowledge and gain valuable experience that I probably wouldn’t have appreciated as much as younger girl. And my team, (some who are still on interns themselves) are all different ages, and from different backgrounds with a variety of reasons for doing so. My managers love that I have different experience and knowledge for a different sector and it means that I can put my all into becoming an asset to the company. Without being dropped in straight in the deep end- if I was to apply for a full term position and be some miracle actually got it- there would be so much pressure, and so much that I didn’t know- and things they would expect me too. This way I can take the easy route of learning, growing and gaining the necessary skills and reputation through my internship to be able to go into my next position with my head held high.

So I guess the moral of the story is- do not be afraid to do something that is going to better you. Be it personally, emotionally or for your career. Believe in yourself and take everything as a learning step into bettering yourself.




  1. Nafisah
    November 15, 2016 / 9:47 pm

    I totally understand this and get this.

    Thank you for sharing this Mands.

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