The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide.

Now, if like me- you are SUPER unorganised when it comes to Christmas, you would have left it all to the last minute.

There’s no spreadsheet (seriously people do this) of what to buy, for who- there will be no list and separation for gifts for him or for her- you just quickly scribble it down on the back of an old receipt and head to the shops and hope for the best.

Welcome to my life.

But lucky for you (and for me) I have created a quick post of some of the best, unique and to-die-for gifts that you can quickly snap up for any one in your life. No more searching #giftsforhim #giftsforher- it’s all right here, in one easy to read, easy to find- super sassy ULTIMATE CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE. You can thank me later.

The Watch- Lordtime Pieces.
For the one that is always running late.

Lordtime Pieces create affordable, luxury watches that give you the complete heart eye emojis, and can compliment every outfit. Perfect for men or women- there is a style to suit everyone. Incredibly crafted to create the best quality and aesthetics in a minimalistic elegant design at an affordable price. Lordtime Pieces understand that time is a precious resource and wanted to create their watches to reflect how important this is, and to inspire, encourage and enthuse their wearers to use their time wisely- and they do so, in the most beautiful of ways.

Watch photographed: Classic Grey: £70

gift-guide-watch-1 gift-guide-watch-2 gift-guide-watch-3

The Bag- Folli Follie
For the stylish one.

Folli Follie is an beautiful and exquisite brand of jewelry, watches, bags and other fashion accessories. With their motto being to be able to create original designs that reflect a fun, versatile and affordable luxury to the needs of trend-conscious women and girls worldwide- and they do just that and so much more. With their website being full of click-worthy, put it in my basket right now feels. If you can go on their website and not find something you just need to have, I will eat my own bag. (P.S Don’t make me do that, because I absolutely adore the simplicity, chic factor it has).

Bag Photographed: Shoulder Bag (No Longer Available on the Site but they have SOO many other beauties.)
gift-guide-bag-2 gift-guide-bag-3 gift-guide-bag-1

The Christmas Cooking Books- Ideal TV
For the bakers in your life.

Christmas isn’t Christmas without over indulging in one too many treats- and there is nothing better on Christmas morning, than some homemade treats by the one you love- and every day after that- so treat that sous chef or kitchen novice to these amazing cookery christmass-y inspired books to really heat up the kitchen. Plus Ideal TV has a WHOLE range of gifts to really make your life super easy.

Books Photographed: Cooking For Christmas- £2 & Bake me Christmas- £2

gift-guide-book-1 gift-guide-book-2 gift-guide-book-3

The Rockstar Planner- The Rock/Star Life Planner
For the rockstar

This one, is one that makes me want to start my own band. A complete guide to the most organised musical year you can ever imagine. The planner has been created to help muscians, bands and aspiring artists gain clarity on their career goals and help to sustain a clear life/work balance. With pages to help you while on tour, to your budget to social media management. This book has it all to create the musical career you want- 2017 will be your year baby.

On sale for £23.06 (Exclu. VAT)

gift-guide-rockstar-1 gift-guide-rockstar-2gift-guide-rockstar-4

The YouTuber Books- Zoella and Oli White.
For the youtuber lovers and the avid readers.

I am obsessed with YouTube- I’m not even sorry- and I know for a fact that I’m not the only one. But there is only SO much YouTube you can watch- and lucky for us- our favourite Youtubers have written books, so we can enjoy them in a new light- even in our offline, down time. The books by Zoe Sugg (AKA Zoella) and Oli White are easy to read, light-hearted, memorable and moreish. Perfect for that daily commute, a wind-down in bed, or a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Generation Next by Oli White- follows a group of students as they embark on the most amazing and life-changing technical journey of their lives- as they create a brand new platform for the social media world. The story contains drama a plenty, romance, heart-break and the ultimate friendship goals- with twists and turns thrown in for good measure. You won’t be able to put it down as you become emotionally connected to the main character Jack as you embark on his rollercoaster of a year with him. I finished it within two days- Where’s GenNext 2 Oli?!


Girl Online 1, 2 and 3- by Zoe Sugg (Zoella) follows a young girl named Penny who creates her own space on the internet to blog about her crazy life. See a lot of relate-ability in her posts about boys, her slightly crazy but loveable family and her struggles with her own anxiety. Follow her journey over the three books as she falls in and out of love with not only her blog, but her relationships and friendships as well. There’s a reason why the books have been a best-seller. Zoe really captures what it means to be a young girl in this day and age is the most relatable, emotional way possible.


You can grab all of the books on Amazon as well as other good book retailers. From £4 upwards.

The Fitness Class T-Band- Tribeca Studios.
For the fitness enthusiast.

Who says fitness is only for the New Year/ New You- Start early with the T-BAND from Tribeca Studios- the brand new fitness boutique in West London that offers over 80+ different classes including BodyPump, Boxing, Dance, Pilates, Ride, Yoga, Meditation and SO much more- and to make it even more easier for you to get your sweat on- Tribeca have released their very own T-Bands- which is a rubber band that links straight to your account and comes loaded with 5 classes . The technology in the band is industry leading- and Tribeca are the first fitness studio in the country to do so. There’s no needs for padlocks or cash- your wristband allows you to activate lockers, tap into classes or charge a smoothie to your online account at the touch of your wrist- and easily topped up so you now have zero excuses.

And if you need EVEN more reason to buy one- You can get one for just £45 if you email and quote AMANDA. Normally- £50. With no contracts or sign up fees.

gift-guide-tribeca-5 gift-guide-tribeca-1 gift-guide-tribeca-2

The Gym Bag- GymTote
For the stylish gym bunny.

Just because you get your sweat on, on the regular doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish doing so. Say goodbye to the boring, smelly gym bags and hello to the GymTote- the brand new, luxury and elegant gym bag that is going to make everyone in the locker room jealous. They are a complete game-changer in the style of gym-wear, and it’s no shock that they keep selling out and are aptly named the answer to every city girl’s prayer and everything you could wish for. So get ready for gymbag nightmare of- meal prep leaking on your leggings, that ugly sports bag ruining your OOTD and the hassle of having to carry two bags around all the time; to be a thing of the past with the introduction of the GymTote.

With separate, breathable sections for your trainers and gym kit, smart tech water resistant wipe-able linings and a top section for all your ‘hand-bag’ essentials- and the new introduction of other bags that have space for your laptop and their to die for backpack style- get ready to fall in love.

Bag photographed is the: Eva Tote- £175 But the Charli- Laptop bag- £135 is already on my to-buy list when it comes back in stock!!

gymtote-title gymtote-7 gymtote-8

The Fluffy Warming ToesHeat Holders.
The sock-ing stuffer everyone needs.

What ruins winter and Christmas time more than anything? Cold, frozen, numb toes! There is something about Christmas that just screams YOU HAVE TO WEAR FLUFFY SOCKS. They make you warm, they make you feel cosy and everyone gets socks in the stocking- so why not make them a little bit more special than every other year. Heat Holders know how important our warmth and cosiness is to use which is why they created the most fluffy, cosy socks so that we can just kick back and relax. They come in a range of styles, colours and even character ones for the kiddies. What more could you want?

From £5.99

gift-guide-socks-5 gift-guide-socks-2 gift-guide-socks-1

Scrub-a-dub-dubVITA SKIN- Sugar Baby
Perfect for the beauty buff.

Want to add a little bit of life back into your dry, winter skin? Need a little bit of boost than you need Sugar Baby in your life. The all new Vita + Skin is the perfect go to gal for all your body and beauty needs. Packed full with the moisturising organic coconut water and coconut oil which is taking the beauty world by storm- due to being naturally rich in electrolytes- making it a great source of hydration. Plus it smells like a tropical holiday- so what’s not to love?

Available in Superdrug- The whole range really gives your body and hair the uplift it needs to resemble a summer holiday rather than the winter drag. Between £6- £10.

gift-guide-scrub-1 gift-guide-scrub-3 gift-guide-scrub-2

The Sassy CocktailsLongFlint
Perfect for anyone that enjoys a tipple.

These hand-crafted, individual serve, carbonated cocktails have become my absolute favourite. Made and produced in London only using the most natural ingredients and handmade syrups and tinctures the creators over at LongFlint have been able to create something that is missing in on alcohol scene. A combination of beautifully paired and unique flavours in a light and refreshing carbonated fizzy goodness. Forget about odd flavours and strong overpowering spirits- and get your hands on one of these incredibly created and best-loved drinks. In flavours such as Rhubarb and Vodka Seltzer, Ginger and Rum Fuego, and Rose Hip and Gin Fizz

Stocked in Selfridges, Eat17, Sourced Market, 400 Rabbits, Harringay Local Store and Beavertown’s Taproom.

christmas-gift-guide-1 christmas-gift-guide-2 christmas-gift-guide-3

The Gin-Sub. I LOVE GIN.
For the gin lover- and subscription box hoarder.

Love gin? Love post? Than this one is for you. Discover your perfect G&T simply and effortlessly with the I Love Gin club, subscritipon box. With 4 different Gin and Tonics being delievered to your door every month. With exclusive membership discounts, experiences and recipes- this gift is gin-tastic. Each box contains 2 miniature gins, 2 tonics/mixers plus recipes and extra goodies to make 4 g&t’s for you to sip and enjoy.

Join the club for just £14/month.

i-love-gin-1 i-love-gin-3 i-love-gin-4

If you need some more giftspo check out my ultimate FOOD AND DRINK guide. Of course I had to do a separate post for that, as food and drink is like my life.






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