Get back your glow- with Facetox #sp

I like the idea of facemasks. The way that they can help to clean the skin deep from within, to give you that glow you so long for- I constantly purchase them; then never use them. You know how some people have a basket full of Bath Bombs- that is me, but with Face Masks.

I never seem to have the time to actually use them, or when I do, feel gutted by the utter lack of love, moisture and life still very clearly lacking from my skin- so just never bother to use them.

I’ve tried expensive ones, cheaper versions and nothing seems to be that wow- or blog worthy.

Until I came across the FaceTox range which is created at home by mixing together their 100% natural clay with organic, fresh rose water. I’m not going to lie, I felt a bit like a child in science or art class mixing the mask together in the little purple bowl and it felt amazing. There is nothing like seeing something come together and to feel free like a child again to get you in that relaxed, pamper mind set. Please tell me that isn’t weird, and other people do that?

The box reads that it is an organic, cruelty free, vegan friendly face masks that works by extracting, pulling and detoxifying your skin. The unique blend of clay when placed on the skin creates a negative charge which literally pulls the toxins out of your skin. With other benefits including, drawing out blackheads and shrinking pores, reducing the sings of redness and scars, evening out skin tone and leaving your skin feeling soft and as smooth as a babies bottom.

facetox-8 facetox-7 facetox-6facetox-3

I was a bit sceptical. All that negative charge energy, and how can it really improve your skin as much as it says.

BUT oh my. I was wrong.

I followed the instructions, placed the cold clay on my face, and left for half an hour, let it tighten and dry and then washed away. Apart from the mess my bathroom sink turned into, my face was tighter, smoother and had a touch of life back, something I hadn’t seen in far too long.

And not only did it look and feel better after removing, it continued to surprise me as the days went on. My pores were significantly reduced, my redness around my nose was gone and my skin had that certain plumpness and glow only impregnating me would achieve.

facetox-2 facetox-1I have since used the FaceTox mask a few more times and will be repurchasing a set as soon as this one runs out.

It’s a bit of a hassle to mix, and clean due to its consistency rather than a liquid mask. But the benefits 100% outweigh the negatives- and if you want your skin to glow, there is only one way to go.

*This post is sponsored by FaceTox but all my opinions, thoughts and photographs are my own unless stated otherwise.  






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