Celebrating Galentine’s Day with Tesco.

I’m currently singing my lungs out to Spotify’s Heartbreaker playlist and eating chocolates in bed- So it’s only right that I write this post right now.. Now I’ve never been a huge Valentine’s Day lover- pun intended- and I’m pretty sure this is a true representation of how this entire post is going to pan out. Cue the cheesy puns, bad Snapchat filters and lonely anecdotes- I’m not even sorry.

But even though I won’t be celebrating because I’m legit as lonely as Lonesome George the Tortoise (GOOGLE HIM)- thanks to the wonderful people over at Tesco’s I was able to celebrate Galentine’s Day. A day to get together with your best gal-pals and thank them for being so freaking incredible and an excuse to drink all the pink champagne and eat all the chocolates. Which is pretty much my standard Saturday night. But now I have a reason to do it!

Thanks to the US sitcom Parks and Recreation, which I am yet to see but have heard amazing things about, the idea surrounding Galentine’s Day has kicked off since then. With the trend being reported to have had an insane 1780% year on year increase since 2010. With more and more lovely ladies wanting to put aside the traditional V-Day celebrations and swapping it to share the love with the significant girls in their lives.

Relationships comes and go, but friends are there until the end or something equally as cliché.

And with 2016 being seen as the year the power of the ‘girl squad’ really took its reigns- it was only right that 2017 would be the time that Galentine’s Day really hit its full mark. A day to celebrate the strong, powerful, sassy AF female- and as more and more women jump on board to the love train, quickly followed by the brands capitalising on this new holiday, which is literally now one of my faves. Who wouldn’t wanna celebrate how freaking amazing women are?!

Tesco’s understand just how amazing us women are, and have filled their shops and their website (cooey click here for some sassy AF G-Day gifts) with gifts to make the girls in your life shine like the little stars they are.

Galentines Day 3 Galentines Day 2 Galentines Day 1 Galentines Day 5

They also sent me the cutest package (which is the closest thing to a valentines present I’m ever going to see) packed full of treats to get me and my chosen girls in the G-Day spirit.

Unfortunately I have zero gal-pals. All the crying face emojis.
I’m just kidding. But most of my Friends live thousands of miles away- the joy of living in a tiny town and moving away for College, Uni and Work! So I decided to get the Bootes Girls together and attack this Gday Family style.

My family is so important to me, and for as long as I can remember, it’s only ever just been us girls. So there was no better way to celebrate than with my Mum and Sister, plus the three (female) fur babies in my life.

So we cracked open the Champers (Rosé of course), broke open the Choccies (which I am now finishing rn) put on some old school 80’s and 90’s tracks and spoke about love, life and everything in between.

Galentines Day 7 Galentines Day 8

My sister had just got back from NY and now lives with her Boyfriend away from home, and although I still live at home I work long days in London so its very rare that we are all together.

Tesco’s also included lots of other treats for me including these adorable mugs, chocolate Tea and Coffee which I’m gonna share with the girls at work and the most adorable, rich red roses which give my heart those butterfly feelings. Love me some flowers.

Galentines Day 4

It was so lovely to be able to spend the entire day with the girls who mean so much to me- so make sure that you are treating the G’s in your life to the most special of days tomorrow- and make sure that you include Tesco’s in your Galentine’s Day plans.

All the love and kisses xo.










  1. Tabby

    Ohh my gosh I need those mugs!! This is such a cute post! I’m so glad this manufactured holiday is starting to change tact and throw its marketing efforts at us single girls lol! Yeeyy Galentines Day!

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