Doing absolutely nothing is sometimes the most productive.

I had SO many plans this Easter holiday.

I was going to visit some friends, get my blog in order, catch up with life admin, get to the gym, take 361901x pictures for IG so that I had content to upload during the weeks.

But do you know what I did instead? (Probably if you read the title of this blog post, which you more than likely did) is nothing.

I slept all day Friday. Saturday I was on the sofa watching the end of 13 RW, and Sunday I think I only left my house to go get some nachos.

Okay I didn’t get a single thing marked off my to-do-list. But I did something much more productive. I rested. I caught up on sleep, I let my body relax and renew and I gave myself some time away from Social Media and work schedules and really allowed myself to do nothing and it felt amazing.

I normally feel super guilty if I just rest all weekend and get nothing accomplished. But I feel better than ever right now. Life doesn’t always have to go at 100 miles an hour. Sometimes we need to just stop and let the world around us catch up.

Not only is it beneficial for our physical bodies to have a break but also for our mental ones. My mind, like so many others, is packed full of 101 different conversations all trying to be heard and jobs completed. Today I’m back working; but only slowly.

I had a lay in. I’m going to continue to eat all the naughty food in the world, do a small amount of work and then have a pamper day.

So next time you feel like you need to be a superhero on the weekend or on your day off- just take the time to have some you time, that’s just as productive as completely everything half assed. Because when you do come back, all fresh and ready to do, you can complete the tasks that much easier and better than if you were burnt out.

What are your best ‘Rest- Day’ tips?


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