Leesa Review

Probably one of the best blog products I have ever been gifted is a Leesa Mattress- and this is purely because I absolutely, 100% love the product- more than anything else I have ever brought or been sent. Now I know that sounds super dramatic but it’s true. So stick with me here..

When I moved out of home for the first time, I treated myself to a brand new double bed, which came with a mattress. Now I was only a student so couldn’t afford anything too fancy so I put up with a weak, soft and lumpy mattress for around 3 years. Which was probably the worst thing I could do. Not only does the wrong mattress stop you from getting your full sleep potential- it can also cause proper damage to your back, neck and shoulders. But this year I got the chance to upgrade to a memory foam mattress, (which comes in a super handy box all rolled up- which helps stop that trying to get it up the stairs nonsense) and has significantly improved my quality of sleep.

When your mattress arrives it takes a few easy steps to get from box to bed- and you can be sleeping on your brand new mattress about an hour after it’s arrived- once its puffed up and done its thing.

I never thought I could get on with a memory foam mattress, I thought it would stop me from moving around or be too soft. But boy was I wrong. It’s like sleeping on a fluffy cloud or being hugged by a marshmallow man or something equally as cliché that you use to describe mattresses.


The mattress itself is thick and cushioned with padding throughout to really mould to your body and help protect your spine as well as being built with three layers of high quality foam to relieve pressure points on the body and offer core support. The top layer provides bounce and allows sufficient airflow to keep you cool, the middle layer provides body contouring, support and pressure relief, and the foundational base layer provides strength, durability and structure.

I have two sleeping positions that I rotate between during the night- one is to sleep like a child, curled up in a ball and the other is straight flat on my back- probably to stretch my spine out after being curled up all night- and the Leesa is super responsive in re-moulding when you shift position to ensure maximum comfort and efficient sleeping with minimum sinkage and even less motion transfer. Which means whatever position you are sleeping in and who-ever you are sleeping with you can guarantee that everyone is going to get a decent sleep.

And the selling point for me, is that for every 10 mattress’ that Leesa sell they donate 1 to homeless shelters as well as offering a 100 day trial to make sure that Leesa is 100% the mattress for you. So you can sleep easy knowing that you are investing your money in something that is going to love you just as much as you love it.

**I was sent the Leesa Mattress for review, but all thoughts, opinions and photographs are my own unless stated otherwise.

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